Boring Food Journal

Dealing with feeling super angry right now... second time in two days. I feel like I can't encounter average life frustrations without wanting to blow my top.  Not good.

On to the BFJ:

BF at 7/ French toast, cherry whey shake
11 am coffee with cream and a little hot chocolate powder in lieu of sugar which I didn't have
Lunch at 12/ 2 pieces marathon bread, Gouda cheese, oatmeal with dried fruit, some apple fennel salad
Very very hard to wait for dinner... lunch did not stick all. Had some seltzer and juice which got me through. BS 85.
Dinner at 630: beef pasta, 1.5 English muffins with butter, apple and PB.
930/whole milk with 1/2 cocoa to help me sleep

Very thirsty for some reason, lots of lemon water.  And peeing like a racehorse. Huh.


8 Sun Salutations in the morning which is a little weeny. Waist 34.

7/ cherry shake with slightly more whey to see if that helps me stay full,egg and cheese on an English muffin
11/ coffee with half&half and 2 spoons of hot chocolate mix-  much more comfie waiting for lunch-- try one spoon next time
1215/ oatmeal with dried fruit and almonds, egg & cheese on a muffin, banana
415/ seltzer and juice
615/ bread, arancini, lentil soup, chicken Marsala and pasta. Very full and did not get hungry before bed at 10.


Find myself eating a lot at meals to stave off discomfort between meals. Will this level out? Let's hope.

7/ cherry shake, ezekiel cereal with banana, half an English muffin with PB and jam... blarf, full
11/ coffee with the usual-- 1 spoon not enough, back to 2 spoons :)
12:15/ chicken, pasta, gouda, dried cherries/raisins, almonds
5 pm/ seltzer with juice
7 pm/ chicken pie, banana bread, seltzer with juice

Fairly energetic after work, cooked a chicken pie and banana bread. Then exhausted by 9 and woke up at 5:30. Huh.


Worked out a bit, yay me. 15 minutes elliptical and 3 Sun salutations.

7/delicious fruit smoothie with whey, banana bread with crunchy PB
12/ chicken pot pie and banana bread
4/ hot chocolate cause I'm out of coffee
7/(too late again) chicken pie, banana bread with butter, fries, cherries


7/cherry whey shake, Ezekiel cereal, banana
10:30/coffee with cream and 2 spoons hc mix
12:15/oatmeal, dried fruit, almonds, english muffin, gouda cheese
4 pm/hungry! hot chocolate and juice with seltzer
6 pm/ mac and cheese, buttered english muffin, apple with PB


Late start-- snow day.

8:30/ cherry whey shake, ezekiel with raisins, half a bagel with cream cheese
1/ rainbow salad with small box raisins and almonds, vinaigrette, ham and swiss on rye, and six bites of tasty cake which I decided was too much of a legitimate treat to pass up :)
4/coffee with the usual
6:30/ 2 slices pepp pizza, 2 figs, walnuts, apple with PB


Scale sadness :(

9/ 2 kodiak pancakes with syrup, frozen cherries with milk
2/slice leftover pizza, tortilla chips with salsa, refried beans and cheese, rainbow salad with raisins and vinaigrette
7:30/ most of a burger with fries-- did the preplating thing


7/2 pc sourdough french toast (small) with lots of butter and some maple syrup, soy whey shake,
splash of oj in my ice and selzter


  1. 3/15

    9/ (snow day :)) oatmeal with brown sugar, smoothie with frozen fruit, yoplait and orange juice
    1/thrilling ham and swiss sandwich on rye, rainbow salad with almond and raisin and vinaigrette, half a banana
    4:15/1/2 c of whole milk, two spoons of cocoa mix, coffee

    1. and dinner 7/chicken verjus, mashed potatoes, bread and butter-- yum


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