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Inside My Squirrel Brain

So I have been 16:8 for a year, and to recap the bennies: No more apthous ulcers Huge reduction in middle aged aches Blood sugars no longer prediabetic Stable weight even though I eat a lot and not always the best things All good, yay me. But not thin. BMI still 29.9999999 repeating. And a moon face. Which brings me to:  should I shorten my eating window? Go one meal a day? Pros: Would probably lose weight. Cons:  Bad for my pancreas/insulin regulation? Working a busy job full time, I would have to do my eating late-- not a fan*. On the other hand: I could reduce my window to five hours, say, 1-6 to lose the 20 pounds I want to lose (my desires are modest), and then go back to 16:8 and hope it stays off. So I could do that, or I could clean up what I am eating in my existing 8 hour window. Hmmm... Been having a really rough time getting exercise since I started back full time. So I gotta figure that out too. *Valter Longo feels i

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