And a Short One

With a bow to the lovely Diane who posted a few days back about making very short, modest goal lists-- 3 things on a card. It's amazingly difficult in my kind of life not to get blown miles off course by the needs or wishes of others. I'm smack in the middle of three generations and while in many ways I like my spot and feel lucky to be here, it can also be (as many have written before me) a case where your own seemingly trivial needs get placed forty rungs down the ladder while you take care of 39 Won't Take Longs for your deserving loved ones. And then you end up pissed off because you haven't done anything you hoped.

(And little stressors can mount up amazingly. We are fostering a very sweet cat for friends and either it misses its people or something else is not right in its cat world, because at regular intervals from evening till morning it wakes us all up meowing loudly in the hallways for something-- we can't figure out what. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

So here's my list.

1. Go to Zumba.
2. Make at least one of my shams-- yes, it's trivial, but it's been on my list for weeks and I haven't been able to make the time to do it and I want the satisfaction of a project complete, damn it.
3. Make up with my husband (tails pinched ==> meaningless fights).

Wish me luck! What are your 3 things?

Edited to add:

1. The shams.

2. The shoes I wore to Zumba, plus I wanted to show you a bit of my new Dash & Albert birthday rug. Zumba should be compulsory for me. It does a lot of good things but the most important, I've decided, are the anxiolytic and antidepressant effects without having to mess with actual psych medication.

3. No photographic proof that I made up with husband, you'll just have to take my word for it :)


  1. (I hope #3 happens quickly for you -- life just ain't right when DH and I are on the fritz).

    I like the "39 Won't Take Longs" -- LOL. Identify!

    I've been lucky lately that I've been able to work on my parents' home to get it ready for them to move in. Although it's for them, I enjoy it soooo much. (btw, update -- I repaired the walls and ceiling and primered/painted them. Ceiling's light fixtures are in. I've pulled out the carpet/pad and am now pulling out staples (okay, THAT'S getting a little old) -- I'll post before/after's sometime).

    Sorry about the cat -- interrupted sleep is torturous.

  2. Shoot, no pictures for #3? :)

    I've been doing the MIT list (Most Important Things) for a while now, and it's amazing how well it works, if you're diligent about it. :) Every now and then I'll suddenly stop getting things done, and I'll realize I've somehow drifted away from my MIT list.

  3. I also loved Diane's 3 Things post and started doing it myself.

    First day:
    1. Exercise 30 minutes. [check]
    2. Eat 2 vegetables. [check]
    3. Email a missionary friend. [check]

    I'm going try and continue this at least Mon-Fri for sure and on weekends when I can.

    I hope your life stresses settle soon. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by my blog and enjoy that Zumba and making up. :)


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