Chalk Another One Up for the Obvious

Time for a bullet list.

*Still gushing about my phone app.  I use Lose It, there are a bunch out there.  I have generally failed spectacularly at food tracking.  With the scanning doohickey, this takes seconds versus minutes busy people like me cannot possibly spare when we have important  Babylon 5 reruns to watch (kids are at camp, can you tell?)  I'm finding that it shapes my behavior and of course I obnoxiously prod my loved ones about what does and doesn't constitute a good calorie value.  Aiming for 1700-1800 and I do eat back exercise calories, though I'll stop if I am not pleased with my progress.

*Have boldly faced my glucometer (100 fasting) and my myomeasure, which is my gadgety measuring tape which makes a loop & tightens in a way that is supposedly statistically more reliable (or is it valid? And I just had Stats).

*This is me in the dress for my friend's wedding with my head cut off.  No one gets to see my head.  It is classified.  You can also see that I am experiencing a jewelry crisis.  MIL lent me plain pearls.  You think?

*If you could use a giggle, check out this one this one from Jack S__.

*Finally, have been doing my 25 minutes weights/abs/cardio routine in the mornings since that's supposed to help with insulin resistance and cravings.  It does help.  

*What the hell is up with my background text color? 


  1. Love the dress and the pearls go with everything - even headless women bloggers.

  2. I think you look great and give a thumbs up to the jewelry!

  3. Your chin and smile are just lovely! (and the rest of you -- wow-weee!)

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by Larkspur and good luck getting back on track!!

    Love the dress too! I was eyeing a black polka dot one and thought it'd be great with a red necklace and red heels. :) We'll see..

  5. I've been using Lose It too! I only get a daily budget of 1200 calories, so I really have to be creative as I swear by my wine with dinner, but I watched the movie 'Forks Over Knives' a few weeks ago and suddenly went from absolute CARNIVORE to almost completely VEGAN pretty much after watching this movie. So far, so good. Cooking is a lot harder than the sleep-walk I was used to, but I'm getting there... have you seen it?


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