Weight Watchers Week 1: Review

So, sliding gracefully over my absence, which is happily due to nothing dire, knock wood please God-- today I go to meeting (sounds so Quaker) after being on WW for a week.  Weight Watchers keeps reincarnating-- some years it's a good fit for me, some years not so much.  I could launch into boring discussion but I prefer the ADD-friendly bullet list:

1. My best friend went on it and lost her modest extra poundage without too much angsting.
2. Fruit is free.
3. So was registration.
4. Voila.

I like it.  I could ruminate over whether I'm eating too much fruit, if fructose is going to do terrible things to me, if I can stay with it or gain weight back, but I've decided that's all boring.  So I'll talk about the Plan. 

This latest version is Larkspur-friendly in that you can vary your intake depending on how hungry you are by using the optional weekly or activity points or eating more fruit.  I am very firm about not cutting calories too far or going hungry.  I believe it's Not Good For You, whatever the evidence may say (and clear evidence is remarkably hard to come by).  Regular foods cost more points because fruit is "pre-paid"... sort of an internal taxation system.  The upshot is that by gaming the system and eating lots of fruit you are getting full and nourished for not too many calories, and sweet cravings don't seem to be too worrisome because you can always have something lovely like a bowl of frozen cherries.  It remains to be seen in practice how it will work for weight loss, but so far it is not too different from the clean-eating-with-occasional-cheats method I was using before.  My problem comes around when the definition of  "occasional" gets a little too broad :)

I fixed my new scale when WW also declared me six pounds heavier-- two doctor's scales I could ignore, but when WW sided against me I guess that's a preponderance of evidence.  It was painful.  Two or three pounds kind of blurs together in the brain but six pounds is a vast and concrete difference.  But it's done.  Whew.


  1. Good to "see" you and FYI - my post today is not about you!!! :) It isn't about anyone - just general ponderings!
    WTG on rejoining and moving on! I'm proud of you!


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