Update and Podcast Review

I've decided my new blog format is super annoying. Back to the drawing board.

Bullet-style update:

Things I've been doing regularly (I won't say mastered-- borrowing trouble):

Eating 3 meals on a 16:8 schedule, no snacks.
Doing 1 Sun Salutation daily.
Having "gut food" q meal  (The Good Gut).

Tweaks I'm trying to incorporate:

  • Having my sweet with lunch.  
  • Vegetables lunch and dinner-- rainbow salad is easy, and quite nice with raisins and seeds.
  • Resistance training. I've been swimming/water jogging and I just went to Zumba (OMG, serious HIIT for my aerobically out of shape self).
  • More water-- BECAUSE Ray Hinish of Cut the Fat (more on that later) says it can help lower cortisol in the blood.

Recent observations:

Bagel, bean soup, and candy for lunch = total somnolence and a lost afternoon. Vegetables, chicken, and a roll = energy and feeling good.

Water walking is good for the glutes.

Recent fasting blood sugar was 88, yay.

The Review:

So I highly recommend Cut the Fat podcast and blog by Ray Hinish and Blythe Alberg. Ray is a pharmacist, which is an intriguing background for a fat loss guru.  He's super sweet and upbeat, and his advice connects very well with my own ideas drawn from way too many hours reading weight loss and health studies. His focus is on being healthy and feeling good, which is simple but brilliant. He refers to weight loss as the ugly science, and that's so true.  There is an element of personal choice/determination, but it is like David against the Goliath of the metabolic strategies working to defend the fat mass your body has been at such pains to acquire.  (And we're not even grateful, sheesh.) A hundred people can do the same things and have different results. The idea is to find the path through your particular maze.

Cut the Fat is very into resistance training, so this morning I did my 5-Factor workout and drank some lime water and I'm off to have something marvelous for breakfast (steel cut oats is a current fave.)   Cheers :)


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