Yikes, Third Iteration

Time for a terse bullet-style post.

*It's January WHAT? Found out my car inspection is 6, yes, 6 months out of date. Hopefully none of my readers are local police.

*Slip-SLIIIIDIN' away, Paul Simon style. Though I am not losing my hair. I believe he has a very nice rug these days anyway, and to his credit, he was never fat.

*I think Diet Pepsi is currently a big problem, as is slipping chocolate multiple times a day.

*I have been loving certain things not being a problem, such as achy bones, a wary attitude towards movement, shopping in the Big Girl store, and phobias about cameras, scales and fasting bloodwork. Not to mention certain other current non-problems which might become problematic again if care is not taken. I know what I mean by this++. Nuff said.

*Zumba yesterday-- yes, I was as graceful as a box of rocks, but I did it. Weights today-- 36 lunges total as I don't want to be crippled.

*Working on the basics of the plan, which is eating 4/5 times a day (without slipping chocolate chips an additional two or three times), exercising every day that is not a 10 hour workday (I have those now) in some way or other.

*Making iced tea. Drinking water daily. This I can do.

*Will report back.

*How are YOU?

++Just say, hypothetically, all children safely disposed of, putting your bare legs in your husband's lap, having him mutter something mildly positive and then lean forward and become riveted to the movie. If this hypothetically ever WERE an issue, it is decidedly a NON-ISSUE now, but it would be pretty unpleasant to have it recur, wouldn't it? Hypothetically.


  1. You suddenly have a hypothetical headache later...hypothetically, of course.

    For reasons unknown, I used to despise "Slip-Sliding Away" when I was a child - I'd make my parents even turn off the radio! Now I sort of like that song - perhaps I am in need of some therapy on that one.

    Keep at it - January is when everyone is trying to get back on track...and as for the people who aren't trying to get back on track or never went off track - well, I don't believe them or I don't want to know them!

    Glad to see your post today

  2. There's some pretty compelling evidence that diet soda can wreak havoc with appetite and weight loss. When I gave em up, I found it easier to get 'er done on the scale.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I still struggle with the diet soda thing, too, but I'm working on it. Hypothetically, if nothing else. :)

  4. "You suddenly have a hypothetical headache later...hypothetically, of course." -- Debbie's comment cracked me up.

    I have several hypothetical non-issue issues. Trying to keep them non-issues.

    Thank you for the birthday well-wishing!

  5. I am encouraged by YOU! Wow~your photos over there are great! I struggle just with food in general... But I'm workin' on it!

  6. I'm curious... have you ever done any research on cinnamon and diabetes?


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