Time for a Research Post

But I don't have time today, so let me just say: if you are interesting in losing weight, I think you should consider taking probiotics. I will back this up with links at some point or other. Really.

I went to Zumba today AND yesterday. Much calorie chewing. I felt sort of frumpy in class so I went out and bought myself a new T-shirt at the Gap. The old shirt was XL and this is an M so that's better. It doesn't help with the Looking Very Old problem, but I have a whole mantra for that.* My goal is to hit Zumba every day this week. Whee!

I find myself in Getting Back Down to It mode. I am showing solidarity with a friend by eating gluten-free for three days (she decided this was a good week to try it.) I'm open to ideas on what to eat. Kind of stuck with chicken, vegetables, fruit, and protein shakes. And chocolate. Chocolate is gluten free, right? I am a little worried about dropping another size, because I don't have many M/12s and I can still wear some of my 14s now. I'm not making any money to speak of and resizing rings and buying new clothes is expensive. I wore 16s for most of my adult life, and for all of the years that I had any money, so it is a little painful to part with my pretty things. Ten years ago a 12/ size M would have been plenty small for a 5'8", but I weigh over 170 lbs-- not a sylph-- and I'm in medium shirts. What do you 120 pounders wear? Probably have to shop at Wet Seal. I have two shirts from there I can look forward to fitting into, because I bought them in a moment of optimism even though when I put them on I am ready to burst out, Superman style, any moment. I decided the suspense was too great and gave them to my daughter. Who is a 6/8, so no plans to raid her wardrobe.

The plan is still to shoot for the 150s, BMI in the 23-ish, 24-ish range. A shout out to 266 whom I believe is enjoying that territory now-- how's it feel, 266? She honored me with a very fun award in which I get to lie. I'm rubbing my hands and snickering in anticipation.

Have a great, productive second half of the week, everybody! Weekend's coming!

--As follows: it's an honor to grow older, those are good years accumulating, you have an 18 year old for heaven's sake, and the major problem's the lines around my mouth and I got those from kissing four beloved people on a daily basis, could be worse, right?


  1. It was just an hour ago that I was digging through the Rubbermaid containers in my basement...I have (had) clothing ranging from 2XL, sizes 16/18, all the way down to 4/6 (and even a couple of generously-sized 2's)!

    I basically went "shopping" in my basement. But this time, as the clothes get too big, I'm donating them to a charity.

    Maybe you'll find some good sales or go to some outlets...

  2. http://www.celiacteen.com/

    Lauren makes gluten-free foods and posts them and has other links for a gluten-free diet.

    Probiotics? Okay, I'm listening. :)

    I hope you are free to Zumba all week. I hear you about having to buy new clothes. It's great losing weight, but hard on the wallet. I'm not at that point, but I refuse to buy more fat clothes and save for when I lose.

  3. Buying a shirt two sizes smaller always helps with how we feel.

  4. I'm picking up on lots of enthusiasm here! Yaay!

    As I was losing weight, I had to resort to thrift store shopping for my 'between' stages. Now I just go to them for fun. :)

  5. Sounds like you're having good days! Yay!

    I like your mantra about getting older.

  6. It's a bitch having to buy new smaller clothes, but boy does it feel good!!!

    I usually shopped the sale rack at Old Navy as I was losing weight. It's amazing the skirts, tops and pants you can find there in the $5-15 dollar range. Looking for things like draw strings or belt loops helps (as you lose weight you can cinch things in).

  7. Thrift shops are definitely the way to go! It's surprising how many items still have the tags on them.

    No matter what, it's always fun to get into a smaller size!

  8. Thanks for the link love! It's feeling really great to be in the 150's (although I gotta say I am teetering on the brink of those 160's still)! I can't wait to have you lie to me!!!

  9. Pamelas gluten free baking mix......you can do anything with it that you could do with flour. I made pumpkin cranberry scones yesterday. Yum!

  10. You are doing great! I've never done gluten free so I'm zero help here!

  11. I am doing gluten free....not easy but can be done.

  12. LOVE the mantra. I'll have to remember that.

    Never heard of probiotics. So I guess now I have to do some research, huh?

    You're doing great and I look forward to seeing you get to goal!

  13. I absolutely second Lauren's wonderful Celiac Teen blog. She's fabulous!

    I'm lucky in that I have (some) clothes in the next size down. After that, though, I've got nothing. I'm also building a semi-professional wardrobe for the first time in almost six years, and found amazing deals at Kohl's recently. If you have one near you, I'd check it out for just one or two things that could lift an outfit.


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