I got on it.  I'm somewhere between where I started and where I ended up.  If anyone wants to play "warmer, colder" I'll do that too, but mainly I'm just relieved it's a little less than I feared and less than last time, and seems to bear some loose relationship to reducing the sugar in my diet.  I was bobbing through health blogs last night, and encountered one by Hanlie where she describes getting on the scale and being taken aback by the result-- who among us can't report the same?  I still have flashbacks of starving myself in the 80s to get the needle to flip from 136 to 135, and putting rocks in my pocket in 1980 so when my parents weighed my anorexic self they would be deceived by a pound or two.  It is nice not to be so tied up in knots about it.


  1. Way to go at facing the scale. We're here for you!


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