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Tip of the Day: Girding up your loins meant tucking your clothes into your belt (girdle)to make it easier for you to travel or fight, and incidentally providing a little extra protection to your privates during a presumably insecure enterprise.

There! Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

I girded mine for the week and it's helping, but I'm still not there yet. Zumba in particular is suffering. Yesterday I had the time but there was no way I was getting into my car voluntarily. My schedule these days looks like an Amtrack timetable out of Penn Station. I bagged the 1045 to Zumba. I am going to explore additional Zumba offerings (the rec is offering it closer to home) and I may look into trying to catch a class or two in the town where I do most of my work.

Weight wise I am around 172 on my forgiving, good-natured analog scale, as opposed to the pruney digital downstairs that keeps insisting inexplicably that I weigh 3 pounds more. Foo on that. The upstairs scale is centered-- even a hair right of center, which I resisted moving back during my race to 171 after the holidays-- so that means it's right, right? Case settled.

I went to see my pleasant gastroenterologist today. Gastric doctors are not thrilled when you lose weight. I had to explain it was really, truly on purpose. You all can be my witnesses, right? I've been TRYING, geez.

I have to catch the 12:00 Wound Vac and Recert train, followed by the 1440 Little Girl Express, the 1500 for High School Students Not Walking Home in Ice, and the 1600Ballet Twelve Miles Down a Two Lane Road, Usually Late and Stuck Behind a Tractor Local. Luckily I have other drivers for the Retrieving Sweet Deserving Husband During Rush Hour and Basketball Pickup trains.

I want to catch a few blogs first. Maybe I will be pleasantly reassured by hard-working weight loss bloggers who picked up a couple of pounds over the holidays. The rest of you... Shhhh.


  1. Hi Larkspur,
    I think your body looks good and healthy in your size 12 picture take that as a compliment please. I am a size 12 as well and weigh 164.5 as of today but alas I am working hard to remove more pounds I think a good goal weight would be 148 for my height and age. Hopefully this is the year we will both reach our goal weights.

  2. I think you are busier than I am!!
    A doctor that doesn't want you to lose weight, NOW I have heard it all.

  3. Man,I don't really miss, too much, those carpool extravaganza years. LOL

  4. Loving your train schedule analogy!

    Your doctor wasn't happy that you lost weight? Weird - I've never had that happen to me.

  5. Great post. i had a scale like that, it always weighed me heavy. Luckily it is no longer with us. I figured if it wanted heavy it wouldn't mind my truck driving over it.

  6. Wow...that's quite the schedule! Sorry it was your exercise that had to take a hit.

  7. Wow!! A whirlwind of activity in your house!! I love the train schedule analogy, it certainly fits. "All Aboard!!" I'll admit to several extra pounds during the holidays, so no need to feel alone. :)

  8. I enjoy your blog writing!!! Gave me a good laugh today.

    Since I didn't lose over the holidays, and only maintained, can I still be your friend? J/K :D

    I'm curious why the GE doesn't like weight loss? Are they worried you don't eat enough? I guess there's a reason I don't have those problem.... I have no problem eating.

  9. A doctor not happy about weight loss? I obviously don't know enough about gastric doctors.

  10. When new doctors/nurses ask me if I've lost weight recently and I tell them I've lost 100 pounds, they always blink and ask, "Was it on purpose?" Several times I've answered, "No, I just woke up one day and it was gone." Sheesh.

    Hope life calms down for you soon!

    (No idea if I lost or gained during the holidays, but if I lost, I certainly didn't deserve to.)

  11. Sounds like your vehicle needs to gird up its loins, too, for your busy schedule.

  12. Thanks for explaining the Girded Loin thing. I have always wondered what that meant! I thought maybe it was about protecting the family jewels or something! :)

  13. Just wanted to comment on my dr's question-- unintended weight loss is a clinical sign and not a good one. Malabsorption, heart failure, malignancy, even undiagnosed diabetes can result in weight loss. Medical people don't like it! And of course many of us are sorta trying to lose weight all the time. So if they ask how you did it, that's a good thing, means they're doing their jobs.


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