OK, Just to Straighten This Out

I read a lot about metabolism and diet.  There have been times I have been stumped putting together a meal, because, based on my extensive reading, everything is bad.  Then I have to remind myself:  for God's sake! Eat! Enjoy! Geez!

I found this woman's story helpful.  When I put together what I know about insulin resistance and metabolism, it makes sense to-- wait for it-- eat smallish meals of high quality food, going easy on the processed stuff.  My experience does seem to accord with the theory that when you eater fewer carbs, especially processed carbs, you don't get the spike in blood sugar, followed by the spike in insulin, followed by the drop in blood sugar, followed by the "I'm hungry for sweety bready things that will put my blood sugar back up."  Stable blood sugar = less hunger.  Lifting heavy stuff and moving around helps with this.

And of course, the ultimate secret:  lingonberries.


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