How do I love thee?

We had one more ER visit for a member of the older generation.  He's fine, thank God, feeling better. That's three this week, in case anyone's counting. Hoping we can get back to our regularly scheduled summer as much as possible, though it's not the summer we started out with.  The little one (taller than me) is doing better, and was even doing some stretches yesterday.  She can do the standing-foot-touching-the-ear thing which in a tall person is truly impressive.

I am still feeling terribly pleased with my new eating plan, which is mostly pros with only a few cons. I lost three or four pounds at camp (granted I walked over 10,000 steps every day). Dr Nwe says you should shoot for 7 pounds the first month.  I started this what, a week ago? So if I can lose three or four more in three weeks I will be pleased with myself.  So what do I love so much about this program?

Flexible, portable, adaptable
For life
Reduces carb cravings 
Results in less sugar
Makes you feel better physically and
Keeps you from getting to that ultra full place where you feel mad at yourself for eating too much


I end up eating less fruit because I want to save my 18 grams for jam or something.
I could see where you would start popping extra bites here and there, skimping on vegies or fudging the sugar limit.

But as they say in Lord of the Rings, today is not that day.


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