You're In Luck

Somewhere I have a wordy argumentative post started, but it's too much work to find on Google Drive, so I will simply say: Hiya!

Hand relatively steady on the tiller here. Still loving my plan, though there is always room for fretting-- you can get really very overfussed with this stuff.  Since I am eating at regular times, it's easier to track in My Fitness Pal, so I know just exactly how much sugar I'm getting (79 grams!) and how my macros are embarrassing (42% fat-- um...)  When, really, I would like to remind myself that in about a month I've more or less convinced my body to eat at mealtimes and not between, I'm enjoying my food immensely, eating vegetables every day, and I feel good. I don't dread meal planning (everything is bad!) or cooking so much. I lost six pounds by the doctor's scale, without anything that can be reasonably called suffering.  A typical day looks like this:

homemade sourdough bread with butter
shake with almond milk, banana, and a little whey protein

slice of pizza with the family
rainbow salad with vinaigrette and sunflower seeds

slice of sourdough with jam and butter
3 mini Hershey bars
handful of pecans

pork chop
1/2 cup of grilled potatoes
salad with vinaigrette
2 mini Hershey bars

It adds up to somewhere between 1700 and 1900 calories most days, bearing in mind that calorie counting is notoriously hard to get right. I'm quite sure I was eating over 2,000 before, so I have good hope that I will eventually level out at some pleasantly lower and sustainable weight. It's not a nutritionist's dream. I need to trade some of my added sugars for fruit, and I suppose I could eat less bread, but homemade sourdough is delicious and filling and life-enhancing, so maybe I won't, either. The key seems to be not exceeding the 18 grams of sugar. That (and maybe drinking lots more water?) appears to be what is keeping me comfortable. And as a happily married, middle-aged mom, let me assure you: I like comfortable.

Coming up:  Wordy Argumentative Post, as soon as I find it.


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