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First, a research study.  I eat 'em up.  Whether or not it's a good study, I leave to the editors of the Lancet, although I believe they once published a discussion on whether the touch of a menstruating woman could turn a ham rancid, although that was back in like 1893.

In more modern news, this study takes us a little further along the hey-wait-a-minute road regarding fat intake and saturated fat intake in general, and it has some interested observations about diet in general in terms of longevity. This is a global study which followed 135,000 people over 7 years. Bearing in mind that diet studies are notoriously hard to conduct, it does reach some interesting conclusions:

* Optimal longevity was seen with a diet that was about 35% fat, 55% carbohydrate and (presumably, unless the Lancet has their own version of math) 10% protein.

*When carbohydrate edged above 60%, that was not so good.

*No mention of protein percentages specifically in what I read, but we know how to add. 10% tallies with other stuff I've seen which found that a relatively lowish percentage of protein was best for preventing certain kinds of disease, that correlation mostly evaporating when it was vegetable versus animal sourced protein.

*Get this:  higher saturated fat was associated with lower risk of stroke. Oi.

*Lumping fruit, veggies, and legumes together, eating more than 3-4 servings a day was not associated with much increased benefit. Huh.

*Of those, fruit was associated with the most benefit. YAY.

*Raw veggies better than cooked.

So, all very fascinating, and also reassuring for those who like to think our bodies kinda want what they kinda should have, so long as they have not been confused by excessive snacking, desserts, and processed foods. The authors point out that the lower need for freggies is good news for countries where food in general and especially fresh food is expensive.

So in a spate of ADD hyperfocus, and also I'm back to working part time this year, I resurrected my nutrition app and put my meals in, fiddling with the macros. My breakfast basically fit the profile:  1/2 cup oats, a chopped apple, 1 T each walnuts and raisins, and 2 t each raw sugar and butter. It was delicious but a little too filling, erg.

In other news, I have been NoS-ing since last March. I am really pleased with not feeling too hungry or thinking much about food between meals, which I believe to be a victory of insulin regulation, but I'm still eating too much at meals to lose weight. I counted yesterday, was over 2000 calories, and was down a bit on the scale this morning (because let's face it, 2000 was a little less than I've BEEN eating). So I'm going to track meals for a few days to get a sense of things. Will report here dutifully for follow up.

Read Minihabits for Weight Loss, which was recommended elsewhere, and have acquired 1 successful mini habit, which is one (count 'em, ONE) sun salutation per day, but I do do a 30 second plank, so that's worth something, right? Right!


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