Hottie Update & The Plan

I had to laugh as our leader South Beach Steve refers to us that way. So I get to say that no matter what my body fat percentage is, right?

On my big goal, I have inexplicably dropped a pound. I didn't really deserve to drop a pound. I have been eating around maintenance most days, but I guess my body got confused. Probably one of those lost-muscle things but I'm going with it. So 173-1 equals 172. Only one more pound to achieve my big goal by New Year's. That will be 10% since starting this blog so that's cool.

I have a new goal I am totally excited about. It is achieving social exercise. Losing Weight After 45 mentioned this idea on her blog. I am slightly socially starved (surrounded by kids, including teens who are great company, but not much interaction with people my own age). Yesterday I put together an Appalachian Trail walk with three women from my book club and some of their kids. It was great. Oxytocin and calorie burning! My goal is to arrange one such experience a week.

I need a plan for the coming week. Do you have one? Today is Cheat Day, so the plan for today is eat mindfully. The danger is going to come in around Wednesday through Friday. My dearest friend and some of her family is coming, and there will be a mighty baking and roasting, and while I'm not worried about Thanksgiving, I AM worried about the days before and after. It's going to be awfully hard to eat per the plan while making pies and cranberry jelly on Wednesday. Right now I'm leaning towards eat-mindfully-and-hope-for-the-best Weds-Fri, and back to work on Saturday. How's that for a plan? And exercise. Exercise every one of those days including Thanksgiving.

What's your plan?


  1. First of all, great work on the loss - deserved or not. You bring up a great point about Thanksgiving. So many times we focus on the day itself, when it is the preparation and leftovers that are so deadly. We all have to approach this in a mindful way. We can get through this.

  2. Congrats on the loss!

    And my Thanksgiving plan? Skip it. :)

    Its just me, the hubby and kiddo this year (no family coming in town) so we decided to skip the crazy big meal and plan a family event instead. Disney!

  3. Hoping for the best is not being in control. It's allowing yourself to eat like a child. Better to take control and say "for this and that day, I'm going to allow myself to splurge." At least that way you are taking adult ownership in your food choices. I've been in a Biggest Loser contest at work for the past 10 weeks. I think I might win. (no updates for the past 7 weeks.) I will have lost 21-22 pounds in those 10 weeks, and over 63 pounds total in seven months. Tuesday is the finale weigh-in/results. We are going out to dinner on Tuesday, and I'm enjoying about 80% of what Thursday will bring, food-wise. I am making an adult, responsible choice to indulge for those two meals. I've earned it! I'll be back on plan the rest of the time.

    Congrats on the loss, though!

  4. Congratulations on the loss. Great idea on organizing some adult company & exercise at the same time!

    For me, planning carefully each and every day really was what helped me get through those holidays and hard times that came along. You can do it!!

  5. The social exercise is a great plan! I miss the Appalachian Trail; I grew up in a town that had fifteen miles of the trail running through it.

  6. My plan is to serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal minus the stuffing, cider, and the rolls. I'll also increase the variety of vegetables available. I also plan on enjoying the pie...but will not have too many so there's no left-overs.

    My son's 10th birthday is the following day...nervous about the cake...I've had issues in the past.

    Great "toothpaste pictures" btw!

  7. Lucky me, I'm driving about 1.5 hours South, to a fancy restaurant, treated to a buffet. I'll eat a lot, though I can't eat nearly as much as I used to, back in the days when I was gaining, not losing. I'm not worried about one day, if it was 3 or 4, I'd be more cautious. I'll go on a long hike (6-8 mile) the day before, and hit the gym for an hour or two that morning. I'll likely walk for a bit after dinner, too. I love hiking with friends, it' a huge social activity in the Bay Area, (bike rides too) would likely be a good way to meet people. No comment on the scale, no rhyme or reason sometimes.

  8. strangely enough, I feel really full after exercise, so I'm thinking about walking/jogging before the big meals.

  9. Hey, great blog! And you look wonderful!

    I've actually lost the majority of the weight I wanted to lose after reading French Women Don't Get Fat in August. I guess it's what you said about eating mindfully - but also, for me it's about treating myself in other ways; enjoying myself and eating less quantity of better quality food. So for Thanksgiving, I will have a few bites of everything, and chew and enjoy, but spend more time focusing on the conversation and fun than on all the food.

    Social exercising is great! Hoping to keep it up, even after it gets cold...

  10. However it happened, congrats on losing another pound!

    My plan is to exercise every day and just eat until I am comfortably full. I have the option to drink on Thanksgiving, but I'm not taking it this year!

  11. Great job on the loss, and what a great idea to create a get together!

  12. Yaay for another pound gone!

    I don't have to worry about cooking or leftovers, so Thursday's main meal is all I have to "worry" about. My plan is to enjoy it. :)

  13. I love social exercise, and I LOVE the Appalachian Trail! So beautiful.
    My plan is "mindful but don't suffer" tomorrow. I'll start the day out with a "Turkey Trot" walk on the beach with about 100 other local WWers. Then COOKING. There's a wonderful Nia class offered on Thursday but unfortunately it will take 2.5 in the midmorning which I don't think I can afford timewise.
    Friday I'll probably do another long walk or maybe a run. Saturday, back to Nia class. Must make a plan for the dessert leftovers....


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