Cheat Day!

I woke up this morning, the sun was pouring through the windows for the first time in days, nobody had to go to work, and it was Cheat Day.   No. 1 daughter made pancakes, and I had a couple of those, plus several of the oatmeal cookies I've been hankering for since the girls made them yesterday, and did a good bit of mowing, weeding, and planting.  I used my new Japanese Weeding Knife which is merely awesome.  DH and I stowed the kids with various friends and went to Costco.  I did not, alas, buy a cheesecake.  4.5 lbs of cheesecake is a lot of cheesecake. It would take some planning to dispose of that much cheesecake and I decided I'd prefer to have fun at the movies rather than run around dispensing cheesecake to self and possibly reluctant friends.  We did have a nice lunch at Red Robin and split a milkshake and nachos.  Yum.  Much of my food today was a treat; some of it was indulgence Just Because, and not really all that fabulous.  Plus my biliary system didn't get the memo about Cheat Day.  Even without a gallbladder I still get some right sided pain after fatty food, which hasn't been a problem on 5-factor days.  

Ironically this morning I was down a couple (185).  I am making today my second rest day (though DH is laboring on the elliptical 5 feet from me) and will do my 5-F workout tomorrow.  Right?  Right!

I still want to order the funky little tape measure.  DH was game for the trial membership to Amazon Prime so we don't have to pay $5 shipping on a $3 device.


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