Me and Ben Franklin

Cranky Fitness raises the excellent point that exercise is non-negotiable component of good health, at least in mice (see today's post about the mouse study). Even Ben Franklin lifted weights-- he did, I kid you not, though I am too lazy to climb the stairs for the biography where I found this information.

Well, Ben and I have a lot in common, because I five-factored yesterday knowing that today (a grueling, deeply irritating work day) would not be conducive to exercise. Note to self to post on My Views Why Americans Are Fat. NB: our work culture is a big part of it. I am very, very proud to say that the Best of Men got up both yesterday and today to work out. I was groggy and unhelpful. I seem to be incapable of working out at 6:30 am. Maybe if I took a shower first.

I did enter my food on Livestrong's The Daily Plate, just because it amuses me. Yesterday was in the realm of 1800ish and I dropped two pounds, which is two pounds that kind of showed up at the last minute anyway-- 188 it is. I have a fantasy I might do some cardio tonight with my new ipod, but then again I might not. Back to it tomorrow.


  1. Hooray for you and Ben Franklin!

    As it happens we're watching the HBO John Adams miniseries on netflix, in which Ben features prominently. He sure seemed like a healthy old coot!

  2. The Great Crabby McSlacker! You visited my humble blog! Let me pull up a chair... a drink... something healthy... Fuze? No? Green tea? There's some around here...

    The biography is The First American by HW Brands. Guy was amazing. He had a primitive copy machine, among other things.


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