Blogging in My Head

Counts, right? I compose short posts when I'm bounding around in Zumba or struggling with Christmas cookies. I just failed to put on my foil hat so you can all join in.

You know when you get really, really busy, you can't stop for even a few hours without feeling restless and guilty? When you have to sit down, breathe, and say, Yes it's okay, you can sit down, the world will spin without you for a few hours? Like that.

I have a new, scary, interesting part-time job (for the first time ever I was addressed as Professor Larkspur and it took several seconds to realize they meant me.) In addition to my old part-time job, daughter in the Nutcracker, another one in the musical, son started commuter college and doesn't drive yet and oh lord, I'm boring myself. Busy. I suspect many of you productive grown-up-style people live in that place but I am definitely in the reluctant visitor class.

Which means that my fitness stuff has gotten pushed aside some-- I'm still eating mostly okay, and working out a couple of times a week, but my beta cells aren't buying it. There are days I "feel" diabetic-- post-prandial fatigue, carb cravings. Still in the same clothes but they're unpleasantly snug. The action plan hasn't changed. I just have to adhere to it better.

It was great fun bouncing around blogland and getting inspired. My old friends continue to do well and there will be motivating new ones. Cheers, everyone!


  1. Hey stranger! It's tough when Life starts slinging stuff as us willy-nilly, but it's great to see that you're still hanging in there.

  2. YES! Blogging in your head counts! Taking care of yourself and family first count even more! :)

  3. I laughed about "blogging in your head" - been there, done that! Don't you hate it when life takes over? I do!! Good to see your post.

  4. Hey, Professor Larkspur! I blog in my head often, too. It's been a while since I visited Blogland -- low and behold, a new post from you! And I'm off, again, to pick up my munchkin from kindergarten. 'Tis life. It's all good, though. I'm glad we're still in contact.

  5. Blogging in your head is a good thing. At least, it makes me feel better about all the replies that haven't made it from the back of my brain onto the screen.

    Blogging that's not in your head is fun too -- at least for us readers :)

  6. Dear Professor! That is great! OH YES! Blogging in your head most certainly counts!
    Just rush home and jot things down for us!
    Have a pretty day!


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