Systems Approach

This blogger is all about systems. Persuasive stuff. There's the goal, the general target you want to hit, and the system, which is how you get there. Even if you miss or surpass the goal, the systems will still be helping you motor in the right direction.

I've had some success Minihabits (you know--that guy).  You know, overcoming the awful barriers to getting started. Since this is my weight/health/fitness blog, this would be a good place to review my fitness goals and systems, to wit:

1. I am over 50, which is in some ways awesome, because I don't have to bust my ass anymore. It's not good for over 50s to bust their asses. Science proves this. I can focus on consistency and gentle improvement which is much more my cup of tea anyway.

2. Aerobic fitness is good.  Zumba!

3. So is weight training.

4. Swimming is awesome. Have been a couple times with the Spousal Unit and had as much fun as a little kid being taken to the pool.  Plus, it is very soothing to middle aged joints.

5. Extreme moderation in diet is what I'm going for.

Are those goals? Ish? Last week I swam twice and took a Zumba class. I was pretty good with my no-sweets-snacks-seconds practice, though not perfect.  So not too bad but consistency is the thing.

I looked at my calendar for the week-- my usual Zumba class is Thursday, but I won't be able to make that. Let's say weights on Monday, Zumba Tuesday, and swimming Wednesday and Friday. That's weights only once this week, but what-the-hell-who-cares. I'm over 50.

Stick with Vanilla No-S. This week's habit-to-watch being plating the meal before I start nibbling.

I'll report in later in the week.


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