The Problem with Moderation

... it's not very interesting to talk about. I've been following the No S Diet (it IS a lifestyle). I've been doing well with no snacks and I'm starting to zero in on the no seconds and no sweets. Some thoughts:

1. My relationship with food is 90% comfortable. Cravings are relatively rare, I have happy meal times, I don't second guess myself as much.  Honestly I would do it for that alone.

2. Weight training does seem to make you less fat, doesn't it?

3. Have adopted the mini-habit of 1 Sun Salutation a day, with 30 second plank. Not much there but it's consistent.

4. Focusing more on No seconds/not popping food as I'm preparing the meal.

5. Still rejoicing about the drop in A1C I noticed at my last bloodwork.

One small but happy effect is seeing how my younger daughter may be hungry but prefers to wait for meals. She knows she can depend on a good family dinner every night.

So that's all good. I'm still fat, of course, but less fat, and now that the Menopause Fairy has come to roost, it's good to be counteracting the "ten pounds around the middle" my gynecologist warned about.

Planning for 11 am Zumba-- I'll report back :)


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