18:6 Checkin

So I have been streaming a lot of Jason Fung lectures :) DH and I have been keeping our eating window from about 10 to about 6.  Couple of observations for the record:

1. Hunger spikes about an hour before breakfast and lunch. I usually eat a big lunch and I'm not that worried about dinner. I'm thinking I've been overdoing the refined carbs in the morning, hence the excessive hunger. Even making an effort not to eat a lot of sugar, I ended up with 80 grams today-- 40 of that from fruit. I had this weird-ass lunch trying to avoid excessive refined carbs without having been to the store-- so a tiny portion of leftover beef stew, all that was left, a chunk of cheese, almonds, and some steel cut oats with a tablespoon of cookie butter. I think I'm ready to market my new diet.

2. I am more tired and sleepy in the last few days. Not sure what's up with that. I do appreciate the better sleep, since my sleep has sucked since menopause hit a few months ago. Or perhaps it's just that my DD just finished with the high school play. She had a lead so much visitation of friends and relations-- all good, but tiring. (She was awesome.)

3. My face and tummy are thinner. Very pleased. I've been No-Sing for 8 months and really happy with the results (better blood sugars and very little weirdness around food, if you don't count strange lunches like the above). But it's nice to actually look less fat. BMI 29.something down from 31. something. I eat a ton (2200 calories today at least) and don't struggle with food except on the weekends when I let myself have sweets. Then it can get a little hairy.


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