Peering Into the Rabbit Hole

So I have that ADD style hyperfocus, and more time than, like, ever, which means reading a lot of Jason Fung and Gary Taubes and Gin Stephens and Mark Sisson.  I keep some distance from the Taubes/Sisson crowd, because I am not convinced about grains, though it is hard to make a great argument for sugar other than that it's delicious. Embracing the intermittent fast is a welcome break from all that. As Dr Fung points out, fasting is low-everything.  And I suppose I do want to lose weight because it's healthy and I'll look better in pictures and people will praise me-- definitely I want to set a good example.  (I am actually pretty happy with my body and my system at the moment-- sshhhh. Don't tell anyone.) But I am getting a little lost in the weeds. Should I Carb Cycle? (Counting. Blah.) Should I ease off on wheat? Well. Avoid grains generally?  Eh. I think I will follow Jason Fung's mildest prescription, to wit:

1. eat 2-3 meals of mostly whole food in an 8 hour window and don't snack

Yeah, that one.

I would like to get down to 2 meals but I've been having some trouble pulling that one off-- it puts dinner early enough that it's socially difficult.  So for now, I'll stick with 10, 2 and 6, mostly whole foods. Maybe I'll do that plate thing where it's half fruits and veg, one quarter starch and one quarter protein, maybe with some nuts or dark (as required by law) chocolate. 



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