I could not look my blog in the face until I did some good exercise, so it's a relief to report I got to Zumba today. This past week I've been pedaling hard trying to wrap up at work so that I'm ready to go back to prn, and today was the first day of a whole week off. I am pleased I didn't break anything, clicking my heels. No more feeling like I'm being quartered (pulled apart in four different directions, wasn't it? Yuck!)

Weight-wise, I am not exactly sure what's going on as I had salty (delicious) ham yesterday and I don't want to upset my delicate psyche by seeing 175 or something equally distressing. My 12's still fit, even the skinny ones, and my best friend whom I saw this weekend kindly told me that she thought I was at ideal weight and didn't need to lose another pound. I am not Ideal Weight by any standard except the fond eyes of friendship, but it was nice to hear. I actually thought I looked pretty mushy in Zumba today. Doesn't take long for those muscles to turn to ooze.

Tomorrow I'm pretty tightly booked but I have slotted half an hour to do my weights. I've really noticed a loss of strength, tsk tsk. The weights do matter.

I look forward to catching up with everybody. Spring's coming, guys! Hang in there!


  1. That's what friends are for! ;)

  2. Hello there! :) Hope things calms down for you. Amazing how skipping weights for even just a little bit makes a difference, huh? I noticed that myself when I couldn't go to the gym during our snow weak when I returned and after only two weeks.

    BTW - I dream of wearing 12s and think you look great in that picture. You must used to being smaller, because I can't remember the last time I was that small and it will be heavenly if I ever get there. ...

  3. Yes..I was hurting a bit at the gym today after a....errrrmmm.....week absense. Tsk tsk. But...spring IS is summer. I guess I spent last week restoring my leptins (need to go read that Lyle article...I LOVE his site!). And you know...eating like a cow for a week did give me lots of energy on my Sunday run. LOL But..darn it...I have 20 more pounds to go THEN....I can screw around with "not so good days" and recovering from them. For now...I need to get my focus back. And..yes...I am right here with you on that!

  4. Spring is coming! Hiking will occur, especially now that you aren't working so much. Yay!

  5. Hey, there's nothing at all wrong with a healthy & fit size 12! I was happy at that size, but I was still losing fairly regularly, so I kept going. Just know that you look AMAZING as you are right this minute!

  6. It's hard because compliments can be sometimes be "demotivating" when they're not meant to be. You've had amazing progress, so stick with what works for you. Very inspiring!

  7. Yay to a week off. I'm glad you have a little breathing room. So important.

    About that c25k, you noticed I haven't reported about that, huh? I missed one, then another. Ugh. It'll happen because I actually like doing it.

  8. See this motivatonal pictures from a friend of mine.

  9. Ham is delicious, and I really feel that as long as you are eating a good quality meat, it's ok. I eat quite a bit of (organic) bacon myself and I am a holistic nutritionist.

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