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So my day is reaching something very close to a resting point, if you don't count dinner for five and picking up my MIL's medicine and salting her walk and dropping off a c-diff sample and shopping for my daughter's gifts and buying birthday party food for nine 8th grade girls. Believe it or not, this represents the downhill portion of the day. Not that I'm counting or anything, but in ten days exactly I get to go back to something resembling a normal schedule, and I am going to burn some calories clicking my heels, you can believe it.

Good News: Wednesday (my last visit to the scale) I weighed 170 again. Yay.

Less Good News: Today I came home starving and stressed with exactly 7 minutes to cram in enough food to sustain life, or at least keep me from the dreaded Intermittent Fast (horror!) In seven minutes I had

a protein shake
2 mini boxes of Nerds at 50 calories each
6 small squares= between 1-2 ounces of Cadbury Fruit N Nut Bar (all there was)
8 pecan halves
6 triscuits

And half an hour later I had a slice of cheese and 2 more triscuits.

When I let it go too late, I have a hard time catching up-- my body doesn't seem to want to flip over into, "I'm good, thanks. You can stop!" When I am generally in better shape I seem to handle it better, but my sugars are up even if my weight is down. I wonder if metformin helps with that FEED ME NOW feeling. All the carbs I just ate are probably not going to help me with lower sugars/feeling better/normal hunger vs feeding frenzy.

Anybody out there with this problem? I don't feel like I'm eating to stuff down emotional distress or because I have to have more of that fabulous __________. I'm eating to feel like I'm fed, and sometimes (when my sugar is racing around in my blood stream instead of in my cells) it's really hard to get there. What about you? Does this happen to you too?


  1. I've definitely seen that happen to me before. I wait too long and then try and "catch up." It doesn't seem like your catch up was too damaging!

  2. I certainly have that problem - exactly as you describe it. I don't know if it's blood sugar-related or psychological, but it's real enough to me.

    Your "downhill" portion sounds mighty uphill to me! Whew!

  3. Oh yes, I recognize this completely! For me, the only solution is to go in the back of the house for a little while and try to wait it out. A good portion of the time, the "hunger" goes away. If it doesn't, I go back for something else, eat it, and go to the back of the house again. Lather, rinse, repeat...

    I don't envy you that birthday party. Remember the benefits of deep, cleansing breaths. :)

  4. Oh yes - I call it 'falling off the cliff'. It is like my body cannot catch up to the hunger I let grow too long. It only happens when I don't eat regularly.

  5. Yes! If I let the hunger get too far ahead of me it can really get ugly. There are other days when I've eaten a decent amount of protein and become ravenously hungry soon after. It is real hunger (growling stomach) so I don't ignore it but have to be careful what I feed it.

  6. What seems to work for me is always having a good protein source ready to eat in the fridge. Chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, leftover steak...whatever.... Then, when I am dashing somewhere or have gone too long without eating..I try to get 4-6 o of protein first...then decide what else I need. When I do it this way....the protein chaser tends to be veggies...not carbs. Most carbs f*ck me up....and once I go there.....I keep going there. So, getting the protein first really helps...and making sure it is in the fridge is key. I just make extra with every meal...grill up 4 pounds of chicken at a time instead of 2....seems to work. Pre chopping veggies would be good, too....but I always forget that part.

  7. Hi Larkspur,

    That most definitely happens to me. I can't inhale the food fast enough and it doesn't make a dent in the hunger. The older I get, the uglier the hunger. Sometimes it scares me!

    I take snacks like protein bars and almonds in my purse for emergencies.

    I have about 20 to lose, too. Let's go down together!

  8. for me that totally happens when I go more than 3 hours w/out a small carbproteinFAT snack.

    and when I eat things like vitamuffins (or whatever they are called....Im repressing the name :)) where there is a lot of refined sugars and no protein or good fats.

  9. Yes! I try so hard not to let myself get overly hungry because then all bets are off! I'm so glad you get to go back to your more sane schedule soon.

  10. I tend to eat bigger meals, so I don't snack much because I am full - but I am on insulin now, so not sure if that's the difference or not?

    Hang in there! :D Hope you schedule is back to normal!

  11. It happens to me too...sometimes I eat just to chew...just to feel something in my mouth. Sometimes I just want to feel the texture of certain foods. Learning to respond to my body's hunger is something I am still learning!

  12. If you are rushing, your cortisol is soaring and so is your blood sugar. Your best bet is protein at that point.
    weight loss


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