Too Comfortable

Typing with paint-covered fingers. When my life opened up after cutting back my hours this week (hoo-yah!), I got home improvement fever. I've been painting and hammering and sewing like mad. What I haven't done is (let's face it) much formal exercise. The truth is I like it here-- I like having the scale bounce around an okay number without my having to angst or sweat it (literally). My new things all fit and if I gain a bit one day, I go easy the next and all is well. It feels very normal and pleasant and unstressful.

Except that I know my blood sugars are not that great and I've lost some muscle. Even if I never lose another pound, I'll be healthier if I exercise at least half an hour a day. Which is certainly not too hard for me. I've seen bloggers write that they wish they had a medical reason to lose weight to motivate them, and it certainly worked for me, but on some level I feel like I did my part, I lost my 10%, so why am I still prediabetic? I'm prediabetic, of course, because I blew out my beta cells by teetering on a BMI of 30 for almost 18 years, tripping an underlying predisposition. Bummer. I have figured out how to feel much better-- by Eating Like a Grownup, more or less-- so I am going to take a minute to be grateful for that.

Today was Cheat Day and while I lurve Cheat Day, there's no question that I spent the afternoon in bed sleeping off a carbohydrate overload. I feel like I'll never be hungry again (um--right!) Some Saturdays I eat pretty normally with some junky stuff in there. Today I pretty much ate from the Nacho and Pinwheel Cookie foodgroups. So probably not much over on calories but I feel like a dog that ate socks from the laundry basket. Don't do it, people.

I did take a brisk moonlit walk with my spouse and my nutty dog, which was the kind of gentle but purposeful exercise that's just the ticket when you feel like your stomach is full of socks. I am contemplating a cherry protein shake for dinner. Maybe. If I ever feel the need to eat again.


  1. The Nacho and Pinwheel Cookie foodgroups, LOL!

    I have a beagle that swallows socks whole. I have to threaten my teenage son with keeping his socks picked up and put behind a closed door in the bathroom closet, or does he have $1,200 to remove a sock from Clyde's gut? (We got an estimate in case Doofus Dog failed to ralph one back up sometime.)

    OK, the sun has come down on Cheat Day. Tomorrow, it's back to the nutritious food groups. Yes?

  2. Mmmm... pinwheel cookies... droooool!

  3. Nothing like being socked-in-the-gut.

    (sorry, couldn't resist)

    Love home-improvement fever.
    Thank for the blood-work suggestions. I'm using them.

  4. Ah, my sister in painting! It is very good functional exercise. Squats, stretches, calf raises galore. And the arms (if one remembers to switch the roller from hand to hand) get a decent workout too!

    So sorry you are feeling sock-stuffed. I do know the feeling. :)

  5. I have heard so many people comment on the lack of exercise they've had in February, myself included. I am going to make a point to make March better.


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