In the major bummer department, Bullies Target Obese Kids

I made sure to remind my kids on how to support the bully-ee. It makes such a difference. In first grade a kid did something mean to my daughter. Another boy's mother impressed on him the importance of not just denouncing the act, but standing with my daughter and supporting her, which he did. (Needless to say he has a place on the okay-to-date list when high school rolls around :)) Fast forward to sixth grade. A boy tore up a girl's election poster in front of her and asked my daughter wasn't the girl's expression funny? And she told him in clear terms that was a mean thing to do and went to comfort the other girl who was crying. The boy stood down and the girl had a good memory to soften the bad one.

It hurts to think of these very young kids suffering like this. Obesity is such a complicated mechanism, kids in particular have so little control over their bodies, and it is upsetting to think of them being victimized for being different (when it's not even that different these days).

I did good things with weights today. The theme from Buffy the Vampire Slayer makes for an awesome 1 minute HIIT, or as our beloved Cranky Fitness used to call it, Somewhat High Intensity Interval Training (SHIIT). I looked cautiously for kettlebells but they haven't made it to Planet Fitness yet. (If I was relieved, I'm not going to say so.) I've been eating Very Well, using the The Daily Plate to track my stuff, because I find that by far the easiest and most comprehensive of the tracking sites. Shooting for as close to 30/40/30 as I can get.

My bloodwork's tomorrow, physical is Wednesday. My sugars haven't improved as much as I'd hoped, but this may be a case where I just have to be happy with holding the line. I'll let you all know after I talk to my doc about the Metformin.

Back to Jurassic Park 3 with the Fam. Night, all.


  1. That is such a wonderful thing to instill in your children. I wish they had been there for my when I was bullied as a child.

  2. good luck with the doctor stuff.

    That is a great thing to teach your kids. My little brother was bullied, and I always made sure the one doing the bullying looked 10 times stupider when I got done with them.

    I have told my son since he was 2 or 3 that the one thing that would never ever be allowed and he would be punished for is bullying. (there are others, but at the time this was the only one). I have no tolerance for it at all.

    A kid on my ball team took up for another kid and called down a bully in practice the other night. When I told his mom, she cried she was so proud.

  3. Good for you, teaching your kids such an important lesson. They will surely make a huge difference in many lives.


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