I Have Gorgeous Cholesterol

Be warned: bloodwork post upcoming. Worse than looking at strangers' pictures of their vacation.

My blood sugar numbers were not too bad, and I'm not (at the moment) anemic. My a1c was 5.3 which is on the higher end of normal, fasting glucose was 84 which is quite decent. I would be clicking my heels except that my glucometer is giving me (prediabetic) higher numbers, not sure if it's the machine or the fact that blood sugar changes from the time you test it at home to the time you get to the doctor's office. My doctor thought it was early yet for Metformin. I will go with that for now. At some point I should get my insulin levels checked but I am paying for this stuff out of pocket (high deductible plan) which definitely dampens my medical curiosity.

I don't know if there are other prediabetics out there. It is easy to get sucked into worrying a lot about the whole thing. Worry that gets me moving/eating right is productive-- hence the 23 pounds I've lost since my high point. Worry that leaves me fretting over whether I should be eating fruit or milk or anything but hemp seed and egg whites, not so much.

My total cholesterol was 122-- yes, I can't help it if my lipids are sexy. My triglycerides are 59. Check that out, sailor.


  1. You do have gorgeous cholesterol! I'm jealous....

  2. That is awesome. I'm jealous also. Good job!

  3. I have to agree with your doc, it seems too early for metformin. The other bloodwork looks outstanding!

  4. That cholesterol number is fabulous! I hope that you will not have to take metformin and that you will be able to avoid diabetes all together.


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