My teenage son has an important matter to clear up before he graduates high school this spring. We reminded him that he must talk to Mr So and So. He said, "I tried, but he was out." And I gave him the spiel about how the difference between being a kid and an adult is that a kid tries and feels that's good enough, he's done his part. An adult keeps trying, goes back at different times, tracks the person down-- he's at it until the thing is done. Which brings me to an interesting review of my attempts to lose a few more pounds. I've certainly been trying. Hmmm.

I ran into Your Office Chair is Killing You and some equivalent pieces in different sources lately. If you follow health news you've probably heard that sitting workers-- even if they exercise-- are at higher risk for certain unpleasant causes of mortality related to heart health and diabetes, not to mention back problems. I'm 90% stay-at-home mom at this point (more accurately, rarely-at-home mom) so I do a lot of leaping up and down, gardening, and carting laundry. But my husband has to sit a lot. We're looking at stand-up desks for him (some have motors so you can switch back and forth). He's started doing his dictation standing up. And my resolution henceforth is to blog standing up at the kitchen island. Which may help with nice short posts.

Is there a way you can add more stand-up time to your day?


  1. I stand up when I get a phone call at work and walk around my office tidying up while I talk. That's about all I got.

  2. I do a lot of standing up while on the phone. I could also add in some standing up time while reading posts. Thanks for the nudge. :)

  3. My big concern is that I sit in the car all day. I guess I could get a panel van with school bus doors and drive that around... lol.

    Not much I can do. However, I do make a point to go work-out everyday.



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