Review: Omron Body Fat Monitor and Kettlenetics!

My Mother's Day brought a bonanza of fitness-related products, if you don't count the ebelskiver pan my kids got me.* My sweetie got me the Omron body fat monitor and plucked Kettlenetics off my Amazon wish-list.

Body fat monitor: Easy to set up and use. I tried to go conservative with this one, opting for the "normal" setting which gave me 31%. I didn't like that too much. I went to "athlete" mode (really?) for which I actually do fit the criteria based on the rubric they give you, and the response (28%) was more in line with what my calipers say (24%) and what I get on those feed-in-your-measurements sites (26 or 27%). I was somewhat worried about it until I realized, hey, I get to create my own reality, right? If I want to use athlete mode, what are they going to do? Arrest me? Creating your own reality is so much nicer. I recommend it.

Kettlenetics: Greta has me about convinced. I looked at the Body Like a Goddess DVD, but was a bit worried by the instructor's body, which looked more like the Goddess of Isolated Whey Protein than Athena or Aphrodite or anybody I might reasonably be aiming for. Kettlenetic was well-reviewed and looked appealing for a weenus like myself, so I flagged it. And my husband bought it, and I did it today. There's a nice 20 minute section where she goes through the kettlebell moves slowly, and then a 20 minute workout which got my heart moving and made my legs say, "Yes, thanks, I get the point." The instructor explains well and injects a little Zumba-style flair that had me feeling at home. There's a 40 minute workout I'll try when I've made friends with the kettlebell. The DVD comes with a weenus-style 4 pound kettlebell, which believe me was plenty heavy by the time I was done throwing it around. In the interest of full disclosure, the smiling instructor also looked like a Whey Protein Deity, so I'm guessing it's a kettlebell thing.** Also she said "tush muscles" and other unscientific things that I don't imagine the Russians mention in their kettlebell workouts.

So that's my review. That and a wonderful, brisk 50 minute trail hike with my sweetie reset me for the week after extensive restoration of leptin levels this weekend.***

*Review: Fabulous. The cinnamon ones with cream cheese icing especially.

**Not that I'm worried. You have to do things like eat right and avoid sugar to look like that. No fear. I'll just look like one of those ex-football guys who drinks a lot of beer but still has some pretty good delts going on.

***I ate a lot of ebelskivers.


  1. Tush muscles? 4 pound kettlebell?

    Time for Andrea Du Cane and a 15 pound kettlebell. Trust me!!!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!!! :)

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I haven't tried the kettlebells yet, but I do some swings with the dumbbells that I enjoy.

  3. I'll look forward to more kettlebell reports. Sounds interesting!

    Happy MD!

  4. I love my kettlebell. I have a 10 pound which is great for most of the stuff, but I could probably use a 5 pound for a few things.

    Great gifts. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

  5. You know, I have learned so much on your blog: C25K, Zumba plus something else that escapes me for now but I had to Google it. Now I have to look up ebelskivers. Am I going to crave them if I do?

    Greta convinced me, too, to check out kettlebells. I went to Target today...$40 for a 15# bell with 25 min DVD included. Yikes! I'll shop around.

    (and "Hi" back atchya!)

  6. I am afraid to get an ebelskiver pan. They always look good and I have trouble stopping at one of anything like that :D

  7. I am so interested in kettleball, I can't wait to see how it goes for you!

  8. I have tried kettlebells in the past and really liked them. I bought myself one... it's in the closet! I am getting it out tomorrow!!!

  9. I had to google ebelskiver! I am going to the spa in just over a month and will have them measure my body fat while I am there. They do the calipers thing. Last time I went, my mom and I had almost the same numbers... depressing for me, but not so for her:)

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog. You are right about that math. I forget how quickly a few extra daily calories adds up.


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