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I'm coming out the other side of the whirlwind of my son's graduation, with its houseguests and partying and dinners out. He is graduated, thank you Lord, and we can all breathe now. The last of my well-loved guests left this morning. All the unwise eats are out of the house apart from half a French Silk Pie which I will be dealing with one way or another shortly. We had gorgeous weather. Today, appropriately, it's raining as we all come back down to earth and take stock. The best thing I can say about myself was that I got in a good weight workout and one C25K (still limping through week 2, but hey, it's a workout). The next best thing I can say is that miraculously, I didn't gain any weight-- I suspect it's coming though. Have you ever had that? Dodged the metaphorical check and then 2 days later the bill comes to your house. I'll keep you posted.

My family reunion is in one month, and I have lots of photos from graduation to prove to me that, while I don't look like I need a dolly to get around, I am definitely still too fat. One month would be a perfect span to lose the 4 pounds I would need to get back to my 18 year low. 5 pounds would be a new low.

So I made a list of what I plan to eat most days. Concrete planning is very helpful for my pulled in all directions, ADD self.

water X 6 glasses
berries 1-2 cups
leafy greens 1-2 cups
broccoli or cauliflower, 1 c
whey protein
1/2 c beans
1-2 T nuts or PB
apple or pear
2 dates or prunes
greek or whole yogurt 1/2 c
chicken or similar 4-5 oz
chocolate and or cocoa
olive oil

Wonder how many calories that represents? Guess I better look it up!

I'll be eating other stuff too but I want to make these my staples and keep them on hand. I'm putting a 1/2 of soy mix in my purse for I'm-hungry moments or when I'm getting a starving ballet dancer something at McDonald's and I'm tempted. I plan to keep up with my 5-factor workouts plus a few sessions of calorie chewing stuff like Zumba, trail hiking, C25K or Kettlenetics (you can laugh at the name if you want, I don't mind.)

It was nice to shop in regular sizes for my mom-of-the-graduate wear, so yay for that.


  1. I looked it up! That stuff is 1200 or 1300 calories. So that leaves room for some Ezekiel bread, blue cheese, lo carb wrap, etc. Hm, not looking like too much of a hardship...

  2. Good for you and your plan. I have so many ADD moments.

    Yay for your son.

    And, yay for your regular sizes. I hope to graduate to those myself.

    (btw re a challenge - you have me thinking)

  3. Congrats on your son's graduation! We've had a whirlwind of end-of-the-school-year activity ourselves, so I know what you mean!

  4. Congratulations on the graduation. That must be a great feeling!

    So glad you were able to shop in the normal sizes. What a victory!!

  5. I know you're glad to have things back to normal!

    Your plan looks great! I tend to eat mostly the same things. It keeps the pantry streamlined, and I don't have to ponder too much when it's time to eat. :)

  6. Congratulations to your son! It's such a great thing to have them graduate. I think your plan looks great and congrats on shopping in the regular sizes - that's such a sweet victory!

  7. CONGRATES!!! On your son's graduation.. its really a great thing for which ever parents wait.. and me too is waiting lol.. and your plans look great keep it up great job..

  8. Congrats to your son (and you)! And yay for your plan and shopping in regular sizes. That's great. :)

  9. Congrats on your son's graduating and you living through the excitement of it all.

    Planning is good and I'm sure you'll be just fine for the family reunion.

  10. Congrats on your sons graduation! My youngesat son graduated last Thursday and his party was last Friday, so WHEW ... happy it's over. The party was a success , but over 200 people to feed and entertain is a little stressful.
    You can do it! Lose a few more pounds before your reunion. "yopu don't need a dolly to get around" ha! That sure is a good thing!
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Congrats!!! I looked at your pictures. I think you look great! I can't wait to have stats like you. Way to go. Be proud at the reunion.


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