Tennis is Fun

We all played in the last half hour before dark. My 8 year old is a terrible server who is bitterly determined to get better-- that's how she learned to roller skate and master a tour jete. She's cranky and absolutely set on getting it.

My older daughter has long arms and legs that still need to master the mechanics.

My son is like a spider who can stay in one spot and amazingly return the ball without moving anything but his grain elevator arms. Serve needs work.

My husband has some innate sports sense but he can't see so he springs into action at the last possible moment, or a millisecond after.

I'm absolutely terrible and I get mad at whoever served the ball I wasn't able to return.

We had a wonderful time.


  1. LOL!! I totally suck at tennis, but absolutely have a blast doing it. :)

  2. What a funny night it must have been.

  3. Tennis! I need to play! Sounds like a great time!!!
    I am so very happy you love your home! NO! Agre - doesn't have to be expensive! Actually I would love a tiny home. V thinks I am crazy!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. Tennis would be such a great exercise for me, as I have no sports talent, and I would be chasing balls all over the place. :-)

  5. DH and I are having a good laugh (he's the tennis pro). We can picture it (and you have a beautiful family -- your kids look just like you).

    I needed the laugh. I just spent a long time (1.5 hr) replying to your and others' comments on my blog and lost the signal. Thanks for the chuckles.

    Now go get a drink of water.

  6. That would be my family completely! I'm terrible at most sports, hence the reason I walk for exercise. Even I can't mess that one up!


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