On Balance

Gina over at Fit by 42 has a good Challenge going on. Nothing like a juicy challenge to start summer.

So I was thinking, and this is what I gave up over the last year (except for Cheat Days, of course):

basing meals around easy, tasty floury stuff
ordering the fabulous-looking cheesy fried dish
eating out wherever without having to decide whether the menu will be too difficult
shopping once or twice a week instead of three or four times (fresh produce doesn't keep that well)
dessert every night
eating candy while I read
pancakes for breakfast
cheese quesadillas for lunch
nachos for dinner
water ice or ice cream just because it's hot
curling up with a book versus suiting up to work out

This is the rest of what I gave up:

shopping at Lane Bryant
frequent indigestion
feeling tired and foggy
not being able to run after a frisbee
fear of blood pressure cuffs and cameras (I am still twitchy around scales)
sizes 18, 16, 1X and XL
candy wrappers in my car
constantly feeling like I need to eat
worrying about my health a lot
feeling bigger than average

This year, my fasting glucose was 84, not a 104 like last year's. When I went shopping for my son's graduation in the middle of a whirlwind of activity, I didn't have to think, "Oh crap, why didn't I lose twenty pounds?"

If I'd had to stick to 1400 calories or give up licorice forever, I might have said, "Hell with that!" But I eat plenty (probably 2,000 calories on a non-cheat day) and I work out moderately (5 hours or so a week) and the modest sacrifices I've made would have been worth it just to get one or two things on my second list.

OK, it doesn't always feel modest when you really really really want that pastry at Wegman's and it's not time for it. It feels major. But that feeling passes. It always passes. Fifteen minutes later, I'm through it and it's gone (provided I was not so unwise as to bring the pastry home with me.)

I still have oodles of room to clean things up and do better, but I wanted to take a minute to reflect on what it took to get me this far. And, the great majority of the time, it wasn't all that bad.

What are you willing to sacrifice? What feels like too much? I'd love to hear how other people find their balance.


  1. I'd like to give up closet-eating (or in the car eating, basically sneaking food). I want to give myself the respect to sit down at the table and just slowly enjoy whatever it is I've chosen to eat.

    I'd like to give up full portions that restaurants serve and either share the meal or pack up half of it to take home.

    You have a good list. No more quesadillas? That's a staple around here. Actually, I've been known to binge on those, so that would be good to say good-bye to.

    Very good questions. You have me thinking about what I'm willing to sacrifice.

  2. Those trade offs don't sound so bad, really.

    I just have to limit things. I can have 1 serving of something and not 3 (even though I want 3).

    I can have a bagel for breakfast, but only 2 times a week, not 7.

    Funny how just moderates works pretty well LOL!

  3. I think that you have done an amazing job. I try and think of all I've gained too. I eat in moderation, but there are things I won't touch.

  4. I'm looking for that balance and right now I'm trying to decide over what period of time do I define balance? Does it mean that I never gain a pound? Do I have a week to regain balance? Do I balance each day? Each week? I don't have the answers and I'm trying not to obsess about THAT! It's always something, for sure.

    Looks like you are doing a fine, fine job in attain a balance of sustainable actions. I think that's the key.

  5. These are amazing accomplishments! Congratulations!

  6. I want that to be MY list! Good for you!

  7. WOW.


    Youve totally found what works for you and worked your...glutes off to get here.


  8. I love what you said about what you gave up that you WANTED to give up.
    I also love the reminder that the urge goes away in about 15 min. That is the hard part, but it DOES go away.


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