Bullet List

*It makes random ideas look connected.


*I've missed my blog. Thank you to my wonderful guest posters who gave me a week to schlub around undetected.

*My friend gave me a slinky size 12 dress which zips, but needs another 5-10 pounds in the down direction before it will look right.

*I am having a hellofa time finding shorts/skorts/capris, because of my size 10 waist and my size 14 thighs. Maybe if I did my weights LIKE I SHOULD BE, I would meet in the middle at a nice even 12. Anybody know a good label for the small waisted and hip-enhanced?

*I still love Zumba.

*I am having trouble with fatigue. We live on undeveloped land in the middle of town and the field behind us, while I'm very happy it hasn't yet turned into the hulking nursing home it is slated to be, works like Dorothy's field of poppies. So. Sleepy.

*Sleepy is a reminder that I am probably eating too many carbs, though I am being fairly careful about sugar. I think diabetes educators are still telling people around 45 grams of carbohydrate for a meal. If you're eating 4 meals a day, that's still less than 200 g of carb a day. I'm sure I'm getting more than that.

*DH and I are scheduled to give it another good 5 week push after this weekend, when we celebrate late Easter with our kids and best friend who is thrilled we're doing it after passover, because then she can have lamb cake :)

*I have to say DH looks pretty damn good as he is. I feel a little guilty about this. He's 6'3" with a BMI in the 27ish range. BMI wise he should lose more, but my taste in men runs sturdy. It is horribly shallow of me, but I don't so much fancy the willowy type. Our plan involves getting back to the nearly daily weight workouts (all split up so there's no overtraining.) I am of course psyched about this purely as a health measure. Nothing to do with the fact that he's going to be looking awfully good.

*I didn't do new or great things with eating or exercise this week, but I did begin weaning myself off of diet soda. Still not perfect but lots better. This one I really hope to press forward with. I believe that diet stuff is fattening (for some people at least-- people like me) and I've implored my kids not to drink the stuff.

*Have a great second half of the week, everybody!


  1. i love how you have such a focused and articulate mind. :)

  2. What a nice connected post. :)

    I hope you have a great other half of the week also.

  3. I wish I had your focus. I like the plan you and your hubs have come up with. You go!!!

  4. Good luck with the soda weaning. I definitely know how tough that can be.

  5. I have the opposite problem with sizes--squish belly and no butt or thighs (relatively speaking, of course.) For jeans, I found zafu.com to be really helpful. You enter your body particulars and they recommend different jeans styles by manufacturer. I wonder if you could find the jeans-makers with styles that might work for you, you might be able to translate that into shorts and capris as well.

  6. Just found your blog thru Seth. Very cool. While I know it is costly, there is nothing better than clothes that fit. Perhaps get some things tailored so your size 10-14 mashup fits like a glove.


  7. hope youre enjoying your weekend!


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