I have been struggling with my secret experiment, which is trying to adhere to a popular commercial weight loss program ("It's Not a Diet, It's a Lifestyle!") It's a lifestyle featuring less food than I'm used to and I'm having a hard time with it. I was hoping to meld my loosely evolved program (real food, fewer grains/refined carbs) with the Lifestyle, but I've been dealing with some degree of hunger and whimpery "Is that all?" feelings, plus I've let it move me towards ersatz food--bars, sugar alcohols, added fiber that does less than desirable things to my digestion. I have a feeling this isn't going to work out between us. I told myself it was an experiment from the get-go, it was only $13, and if I try very hard and click my heels three times I will manage to convince myself I'm not a failure and neither is It. Just not a match, I think.

I need something that is intuitive in some ways and strict in others. I suspect I might be able to lose another ten pounds and keep that off. On the other hand, maybe I can't. I wish I had a more upbeat message, but it's possible 26.something or other is the lowest BMI I can maintain without getting into a Thing. Success (straight from the Lifestyle's materials!) is achieving a lower weight and sustaining it. Whether or not that weight will get me into a 2-piece bathing suit or "normal" on the BMI charts.

I've been keeping up with my weight workouts. Just from a metabolism perspective they really do make a difference. I feel less "diabetic" when I'm lifting weights, less cravy, less likely to get sudden crashing hunger. So that's a "Lifestyle" I want to maintain, whatever I decide about the other piece.

So where do you fall? Formal diet (sorry-- Lifestyle!) versus intuition? Group versus solo? I'd love to hear.


  1. It's definitely the intuition that works for me - I tried pretty much all the other stuff and never had a ton of success with it!

  2. This is the struggle, isn't it? We're all so different and what might work for me won't you and vice versa. For me, I have the most progress when I'm mindful of portions and just try to eat the most healthily balanced meals I can. Instead of a grand slam from Denny's, I'll cook 2 eggs at home with a slice of wheat toast. Instead of burger king for lunch, I'll bring a sandwich a couple cuties. Or a healthy choice meal. Instead of gorging myself at dinner I limit myself to one plate. When I'm cooking and I must use oil, I use olive oil. I drink a lot of water. I fill my fridge with fruits so when I'm looking for a snack I can grab that instead of something else. I don't always follow "my plan" 100%...I fail more times than I care to admit...but when I do follow it, I notice it in the scale.

    I hope you find the right balance for yourself! And maybe you are at the weight that's just right for your body. Maybe it's your body's way of telling you to just maintain.

  3. I've often wondered if those advertised programs will work long term. I think the old "Eat less, move more" diet is the more sensible way to go. Feeling hungry all the time is not something I could deal with successfully. I commend you for trying. I still think you're on the right track with an intuitive approach.

  4. You are such an inspiration! THANK YOU!


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