In Which I Am Glad No One Is Watching Zumba

There's this shimmy thing, right? And I wear cast iron undergarments designed to discourage shimmy. So all that's shakin' is stuff that no one wants to see behaving that way. Mostly I like my body, really I do, but sometimes I get annoyed with this baroque, super-girly figure I have. Whatever my weight, it's the same body style, just different sizes. It's like huge Tammy Faye eyelashes I can't take off. It would be fun to be rangy, just for a day.

That concludes the complaint portion of this post*. Here's the rest of the report:

Exercise: Zumba. Weights tomorrow.
Food: Planned (yay), Journaled (yay), Ate Peeps (no!) So around 2,000 calories which is overshooting my goal, and 260 carbs, which is too many. We'll try again tomorrow. I planned out the day, anyway.
Diet Soda: One. Drat.

So there you have it. How was your day?

*except the part where I note that today I worked both in and outside the home and I had not one minute to myself not one and I've not done the thing my boss wants from me and it's getting late and I need to have some fun at some point damn it. Obviously.


  1. I wish there was a Zumba class I could take. Everyone that I know who does it, loves it - shimmy or no ;-)

    My day was stressful so I am hoping for better tomorrow. Hope you get some fun soon....

  2. Good day, but ate carby stuff instead of protein stuff and now it's late and my stomach is growling. I guess that's what happens? I've been less hungry this late at night after eating almost nothing, so I'm blaming the carbs. Thinking of having some turkey and cheese before bed. Hope you got some fun!

  3. A good-if-not-perfect day for both of us!

    Wishing you lots of minutes to yourself today!

  4. LOL @ the tammy faye comment!
    I'm glad you're enjoying Zumba. What would this journey be if we couldn't have fun along the way?!

  5. I wonder if there's a zumba dvd...You make it sound so fun. Then I could shimmy in private. :)

  6. For what it is worth, baroque is so much better than rangy, at least IMHO.

  7. For me today was a good eating and exercise day. Craving carbs right now, but I'm going to ignore the feeling!

  8. Well, just watch that shimmy action, that's all I say. Apparently, according to an Iranian cleric, women can cause earthquakes:


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