Weights. Ouch. Four days this week, yay me.

I had a successful Cheat Day yesterday. How do you define success in a Cheat Day? I paid attention to my belly and didn't overeat, and while I had a lot of treats (let's see, water ice, a bear claw, and a homemade chipwich) I enjoyed each one and it was enough. The munchy/chewy Insulin Resistor* (I think that's my new name for it) is less of a factor lately-- maybe that sorry Friday where I didn't feel like eating helped out, or maybe it's the weight training. Or Friday being the first day in 6 months where I didn't eat at least some chocolate :)

I am going to try something new but I am going to keep it a secret until later in the week. (Even from me: Stop thinking about it, right now!)

I would like to check out my body fat somehow. I had the Blue Cross scale blat out 31% last summer. Didn't like that much. My calipers, where you just check above the sacroiliac, say 25%, but then I don't carry a lot of fat above my sacroiliac, you know? I think there's a tape measure method somewhere. I'll go look for that and report back.

'K, here's the report: 26.8%. Of course I do unbelievable amounts of sucking in to achieve a 30" waist, but that's fair, isn't it?

Get some exercise today and tell me about it in your comment. I'll come back and comment on mine after some ibuprofen and a hot bath.

*I think there's a Halloween costume in there somewhere, don't you?


  1. way to listen to your body and not overeat!

  2. I really want to get my body fat measured in a bodpod sometime. FWIW, I seriously doubt you have 30+% body fat. There is no way.

  3. My exercise lately has been running outdoors with my three boys! I'm loving it!

  4. I'm doing biking right now because my knee is acting up! I've never had my body fat measured officially - I think I'm afraid to!


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