I Heart Weight Loss Blogs

I've had a bit of a rocky day-- feeling fine physically, mentally not so much. I found the licorice and ATE SOME. Most days it's not too hard to eat reasonably clean. Today it was a struggle. But there will be struggle, right? That's what I love about WL blogs. Other people gamely engaged on the lines, honest about their challenges and triumphs. It's not like (as happened today) getting found on Facebook by a high school friend who's still as skinny as an eel and has a stupendous job: a mixed experience, at best. Wondering if I measure up, if I've accomplished enough. In blogland we are A-okay just the way we are. We want to do good things and not disappoint our supporters, but we don't have to pretend. Come as you are.

Burn yesterday of 2380, intake around 1650. Today, I wrote it all down but I haven't tallied up yet. Something reasonable plus two handfuls of licorice. Burn 2476 at 1150 pm... resisting the insane urge to hop on the elliptical so my Fit can chime that I met my calorie goal (2520). 44 calories in 9 minutes... it can be done... but I think not tonight. I did have a lovely Appalachian Trail walk with my dad and my daughter this morning, plus I dragged my protesting self to the gym in the evening with daughter for my companion. It actually felt good and they were showing clips of old Dick Van Dyke shows, so I'm going to be okay with today in spite of succumbing to licorice. DH has hidden it better :)


  1. Meh... a little licorice isn't going to ruin you. Feel good about the day it sounds like you did a lot. :-)

  2. I love the weight loss blogging community too. It is nice to see people with their shields down.

    Oh, and I wouldn't worry at all about your eating yesterday. It sounds like you did good to me.

  3. Come as you are.

    You hit the nail on the head.

    Come as you are.


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