I miss Hatteras, but it's good to be home.

We had a lovely, very full time and it was the fastest week of my life. Came home in a mood to buff, prep and polish for the new school year. It is my oldest's senior year, the little one's in 2nd grade, the middle one in 8th... going to be a full year, and I am beating back melancholy as Things Will Change when oldest starts college next year. But I digress.

Thanks, 266, for the blog award! I'm so tickled! When I figure out how to post it here, even better!

My eating was not great on vacation. Cheat Week, basically. It was a four-story beach house and there was a lot of running about, so I am hopeful not too much damage was done. Note to self-- in particular, on the last day when I was consuming a lot of sugar wafer cookies and ended up having to skip lunch because the ferry took so long, blah, blah, I was starving and cranky and miserable. Ultra refined carbs like sugar wafers are not food. They don't act like food in the body, at least not in my body. They just make you hungrier than if you'd fasted. Like that jibe about martinis-- one is too many, three is not enough. I could not help stepping on the scale when I got back-- late in the day it was 183, so I am hopeful I have not added more than a pound or two. I'll find out tomorrow. Alas I sprained my toe going into the water when my common sense was urging me otherwise-- Hurricane Bill bypassed us, but gave us some pretty good waves yesterday. The first one I tried dragged me backwards aaallll the way to the beach, wrenched my toe, and gave me a saltwater sinus treatment equivalent to a netti pot. Not sure how my foot will handle the elliptical tomorrow but I'll just have to see.

I enjoyed catching up on blogs and look forward to a good week!


  1. Larkspur, it is good to have you back. Despite the toe, it sounds like you had a good time. It sounds like you probably didn't do too much damage. I am anxious to hear how your official weigh-in goes.

  2. Glad you had a nice vacation! Hope the toe heals up quick!


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