Preparing To Vacate

I was scurrying around my favorite WL blogs and decided I don't have enough pictures. So I struggled with my digital camera this morning, got into a hissy fit when I couldn't find the download cord, and gave up. Instead I refer you all to this really cool shot on 266 whose blog is infinitely prettier than mine even though she's just getting started. The pictures I attempted to take this morning don't show a lot of dramatic change, even though my mighty thighs have trimmed down almost three inches apiece from their (preblog) high of 29". Each. Even though I can't share the pictures (unless I browbeat my kids into finding the cord), *I* have seen them, and can paint you a word-picture of a reasonably fit-looking, well-proportioned woman whose body is approximately 20% too large for her head. This is why I wear big hair. Easier than losing 30 more pounds.

I am off to the shore tomorrow. The Agreement is that we are not trying to keep to program while on vacation, but it takes me SOOOOO long to lose a pound my internal Agreement is that I don't want to gain any weight. This will require a lot of beach walking, so we'll see how I do. The family we're going with are as slim as twigs and feel that sugar is really bad for you, so I'm hoping that will help.


  1. Larkspur, have a great vacation. Good luck maintaining while you are gone -- it sounds like your vacation partners are going to help with that.


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