Yard Work Pump

Worth a lot of calories, per my GWF. Which is good, because even though I ate more or less clean on our two-day excursion to the City, I missed a day of lifting and of course yesterday was Cheat Day. We ate at the Melting Pot. Need I say more?

In Philly I got to test out my painstakingly acquired outfit. The drapey shirt and the hip-belt got checked out a fair bit and I am definitely old enough to feel reassured that there is still some measurable level of It going on. I didn't end up meeting the people I intended to casually scorn (perhaps spouse was not eager to encounter this situation?) but I did get to see 2 sets of beloved friends whom I greatly miss. Overall a good trip and I think a good thing for my husband.

My plan for this week is to make a proper test of my armband. Last week I had to take it off a lot in order to Look Nice. I am pledging to post my daily workouts, calorie count, and Fit results daily. We'll tally it all up next Saturday morning and see if pounds (pound) lost evens out.

Plan is to work out Sun, Mon, Tues; Weds off; Thu, Fri, Sat or Sun off.

A great week to us all! Whoever's got the starting gun can fire it...


  1. The GWF is pretty fun, isn't it? I do take the calories burned with a wee bit of salt and knock about 5% off just for the margin of error.

    I actually wear mine 98% of the time unless I am dressed up enough to warrant taking it off (which doesn't happen much LOL).

  2. BANG!!!! And they're off!

    I am glad to hear about the yardwork. I am sure that is somewhat akin to the gardening I have been doing all weekend. I am glad you missed out on the public scorning (although you may have wished it happened) and that you got to see two friends.

  3. Great, they haven't let me fire a starter gun since that unfortunate incident at the track meet...


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