Reporting In

I think my hand slipped when I put the Benefiber in my whey shake. Intestinal disorder, ugh. Made me want a bowl of pudding for dinner instead of my usual fibrous protein-loaded digestive challenge. Did not feel that great + very busy = no formal exercise, though my Fit is consoling me that I broke 2000 calories by 8 pm, so not terrible. Ate around 1650 unless I forgot something. Yesterday I burned about 2700 and ate about 1950 (a lot!) Today I am trying to forget where my husband put the licorice. But I remember... unless he moved it... hmmm.


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't feel that great yesterday. You still did well though. Monday also looks real good, even though you ate more than normal.

  2. Oh dear, intestinal stuff is the worst.

    And it may not be your fiber...there are a lot of nasty bugs going around!

    Hope you feel better soon.


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