Primal Scream Part 2

Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin

My annoyance is moderated by the fact that I successfully made a link! Woot! I'll be posting You-Tube videos next!

Really, though. I know this is the cutting edge stance of the NYT health columnist and a few others. Linked to the above article is one in the same publication about diabetes which pretty much directly contradicts what you find above. I particularly savor the sentence, "Exercise is pretty much useless for weight loss." Okay then! Back to the couch, everybody! We'll get healthy by living off of Slimfast shakes and iceberg lettuce. Whatever you do, don't exercise!

Sorry. Gotta pull myself together. If you read the article less indignantly, there is a lot of pro-exercise stuff slipped in there, but the overall Persuasive Argument is that exercise (any exercise apparently) is useless for weight loss. I guess all those maintainers on the Weight Control Registry don't read Time magazine. I felt there were errors (Covert Bailey was talking about brown fat back in the '80s) not to mention a landslide of omissions (let's list the diseases that have been demonstrated to be less likely with regular exercise, shall we?)

The other thing that's worth bearing in mind is it's not just about weight. I've dropped 2 dress sizes-- which is a lot to me, even if it may not show up dramatically on a study-- and 3 inches from my hip circumference, even though I'm eating plenty and not killing myself. The article takes a truth-- most of us can't eat whatever we want just because we exercise-- and uses that to state that exercise is useless in weight control. Gimmicky and in my opinion ultimately harmful.


  1. Congratulations on making a link. You have broken through a blogging barrier. :-) I started reading the article, but noticed it is a long one. I'll have to get to it later. My initial opinions of what I read go along with your rebuttal to the article though.


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