Pretty much says it all.

I have a lovely award from the fabulous Amazon Runner to pass along. But that requires thought and links so I'm just going to savor it a bit and share it this weekend.

Out there in blogland is some wisdom that hit me right between the eyes tonight. Lynn from Escape From Obesity talks in very lucid terms about how your choices today shape results tomorrow. Which should be obvious but somehow get massively overlooked, by me at least. Leah points out that inspiration comes from work rather than preceding work, and Cammy has some great hacks for building better habits.

I need all of this because I am struggling this week, a rat getting my poor tail pinched. My worst tail pincher is lack of time. It really makes me so angry at the world. It also makes me think hard about how I spend my money, and whether what I'm spending it on is reeeeaaaaly worth my precious hours, because I have not been able to exercise much at all since I started working again, and I am just hopping mad about it. My mother in law is sick and needs our care for a few days, my kids and husband need to get to and from work, activities, and school, and I need to meet my new employer's expectations. Leaving me pretty much close to zero after subtracting all the rest. And I can't even say that I'm going to exercise tonight, because I have a more highly valued goal: getting in a few licks on my book. The only good news is that I have been eating pretty well and my weight is stable. Except that a biscuit did make its white-floury way down my gullet tonight.

Oh, and I'm worried I'm late on my Hot 100 Update . One pound to go! Thirty days! Or roughly that! Requiring something like 120 calorie a day deficit, which during December, is not a given! More AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh! No, no. It's okay. Really.



  1. Yes, breathe deeply... deep cleansing breaths... You will make it through this and get into some semblance of order soon.

    You are eating well, which is good, because it probably means that you're aware of the lack of exercise time and your compensating for that.

    Enjoy working on your book. I envy that you're writing one. That is something I'd love to do, but don't have time for. Some day when the kids are grown.. maybe. :)

  2. Oh, and THANKS for mentioning me on your blog! ;)

    Did you get my email about the clothes coming in very handy? I've worn the brown skirt and love it!! It worked perfect with a Dress Barn sweater I had just received a month prior. Thanks again!

  3. Time can be a real setback-maker, but I've found that a little extra planning can help grease the skids. A little time spent planning out meals, preparing for exercise time, making sure that you've got good healthy food options available... those things can make all the difference in the world.

  4. Jack said the P******** word! AAHHHHHHHHHH!

    (No, just kidding. Very sound advice. My Blackberry will save me. Right? Right!)

    Leah, I'm so pleased the things work for you. I actually loved that skirt and it pleases me no end to think of it enjoying a new life at your house :)

  5. Great analogy about the rat getting it's tail pinched. Sorry to hear about it (although I'm glad you shared...I've been having a rough week, too, and appreciate Leah's and Jack's comments).

    Congrats on the award and thanks for the links.

  6. it is planning planning planning but that doesnt mean (at least for me) that there simply arent some weeks where all the plans in the world dont mean I STILL cant squeeze out much metime.

    This weekend perhaps?

    take care of YOU so that you CAN help others.

    xo xo,


  7. Oh no! One of THOSE weeks! When life feels like it's spinning out of control? Aaiighh!

    The ONLY thing that helps me during those times is to take out tiny intervals (even just a minute) and sit still guessed it: breathe. I count backward from 60, inhaling on the even numbers, exhaling on the odd numbers. It fills me with a teensy sense of control and energizes me to mindfully attack one of the 10,001 things clamoring for my attention. Maybe it could work for you?

    I'll be thinking calming thoughts for you as you weather this storm.

    (Oh, and thanks so much for the mention!)

  8. L*fe (it SO feels like a 4-letter word sometimes, doesn't it) always gets in the way and when we're least able to deal with it. Agree with Miz - take good care of yourself and plan as much as possible. Soon you'll catch up to where you need to be. Oh yeah, and don't forget to breathe.

  9. Enjoyed reading through some of your blog posts. I am trying to get back on the fit train... will be popping in to say hi. :)

  10. Definitely, breathe. It sounds like you're doing well with your food choices and exercising when you can, so just keep at it.

  11. I totally understand your feeling right now - that is the story of my life this week for sure.

    Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. . .

  12. Never heard that rat tail term before, but it makes perfect sense. It's hard being pulled in so many directions, especially when you don't end up getting to do what YOU really need. Hang in there - it's got to get better...right?


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