On the premises at the moment:

Several boxes of See's candy
Marshmints (aka crack)
Chocolate chip cookies
Candied pecans
Tinned cookies
Cordial cherries
Botan rice candy
Molasses chips
Lingonberry jam
Cranberry jelly
Four unused containers of cream

What's a weight conscious prediabetic to do? I got out to Zumba today (yay!) Ate a health breakfast and lunch and made a big pot of bean and ham soup. But unwholesome amounts of sugar have passed my lips since last Thursday. I usually keep this stuff out of the house because I have difficulty staying out of it. Alas most of it is not mine. I would like to be the kind of person who could be relied on not to get into it, but I do not, based on experience, seem to be that kind of person. The sort-of-silver lining is that my body does not react well to this treatment and is giving me loud signals of protest, helping me remember that it's not a good idea. I did better today than yesterday and I'm stocked up with the tasty healthy stuff, so I just need to enlist my (generally cooperative) family to help me get the rest stowed. The weird part is I feel like I made/bought less than usual this year, but what I did eat I didn't tolerate very well. Ah well. Notes for next year.


  1. Aaahhh, it's once per year and your "lesson" was learned. You did better than last year and next year you'll do even better. :)

  2. I was expecting to see "And a partridge in a pear treeeeee!" at the end of that list.

    Oh, I have a list, too.

    It's getting smaller.

    'Cuz I'm eating it.

  3. I end up cranky when there is too much candy, etc in the house and I am constantly either trying to avoid it, or eating it and being mad at myself. Can you stow the stuff in the garage? Or just tell your family that dinner is all of that - no protein or veggies until they eat all of the treats?!? Yikes - I feel for you!

  4. The funny thing for me is that all the sweets generally do not tempt me. **That has not been entirely true during this Christmas season** However, it is the unhealthy 'normal' food that is tempting to me. Crazy, I know. Thankfully this is all soon behind us.

  5. I am on day 2 of a mini-detox feels SO much better than snacking on all the wrong food felt. My body totally hates flour and sugar (especially flour) why do I eat it? Silly me. I don't...but I did....and the detox does feel a weird sort of lightness. (or...maybe that is just the sugar and gluten leaving my pores). LOL

    Freeze stuff.....far away in the back of the freezer. That can help. Or...just begin repeating the mantra of "That is not my food....that will go straight to my ass and make me feel like crap"...

  6. "notes for next year" ... is the best way to handle it. We learn what we can handle and what to change for the next time. :)

  7. Ah, the best part of all is the ability to learn from it.

    Okay, maybe that's the second best part. The best part would be those chocolate chip cookies. :)

    The worst is over; marching forward now!

  8. shove em all on the front porch?
    or, if youre me, drive through mcd's for coffee (seriously. I promise. just that.) and HAND THEM TREATS WHEN YOU PAY :)

    I did that yesterday...


  9. Vast amounts of sugar are the norm for this time of year. Great job getting back on the healthy food bandwagon... that's really the important thing after all.

  10. Good lord! Can you have someone hide it?? I'm like you - if it's in the house, I will eat it. I'm literally an addict in that way.
    BODA weight loss

  11. Oooh. My weakness on that list would be the very last: the containers of cream. I am a dairyholic!! I've been putting cream (instead of half and half, LOL) in my coffee this week. DECADENT!!


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