Surprise Review: Wii Fit Plus!

Yesterday they CANCELLED ZUMBA due to our snow. I guess they didn't have a red-nosed instructor to lead the way. I was observing to DH what a witch I get when I don't get my exercise, and perhaps in self-defense, he produced an early Christmas gift. I was expecting a fitness DVD but it was a BIG box.

My awesome spouse got me a WII FIT. (It's all-capitals-day here at Am I Really That Fat.) So here's my highly preliminary impressions, to be filled in further as my 7 year old allows me a chance to actually get on the thing:

1. Kids love it
2. There's a lot of stuff to do
3. I doubt it's the place for a hard core workout for the WL blogging crowd-- it seems to be cut into little stop and start bits
4. The Japanese are highly concerned with balance
5. Outrunning the little dude is the funnest jogging in place I've ever done
6. The yoga is cool
7. My Mii is chubby and apple shaped. My smallest daughter's Mii is waiflike and my middle daughter's is Just Right
8. It seems to broadcast your BMI, not your actual weight, to the room at large
9. I appreciate this refinement
10. It looks like a fun way to track weight
11. I plan to try some fo the aerobics stuff for my warm-up and cool-down to my weights
12. It tells you calories burned, usually in little 4-to-7 calorie activities

I'll keep you posted as I play with it more. With a foot of snow on the ground, indoor options are welcome.

For today, I got to Zumba (yay!) which felt great. Back to eating rationally. I wanted to keep it light yesterday but I just didn't. Scale was up this morning accordingly. I had 2 eggs and toast and a little fresh cranberry relish for breakfast, a wrap with salad leaves, turkey, pepperjack, and mustard and some grapes for lunch. Everything tastes very good and keeps me running like a top. So why do I need eggnog and Dulce de Leche and all that other crap? Because it's there, I guess, like Everest. I performed a purge-- all tempting junk has been pitched or removed to the outside frig, a long cold walk through the garage. The plan is to eat very well between now and the 24th, pick back up again on the 27th. It would be really great to get in 3 hours of exercise a week, and to use my holiday cheat days to eat mindfully like the well-behaved Better-Homes-and-Gardens version of myself, rather than the bilious overfull annoyed-at-myself version.

Have to pick up the family from "Avatar" and take the kids to finish up their shopping. Ciao!


  1. I think I'm getting one...and I'm excited if only for the cute little person that I'll get to watch thin out as I thin out. :)

    I just tried one yesterday for the first time and it was fun. :)

    Definitely don't think it will replace my jogging/walking, but should be a nice diversion on those snow and ice days.

    We'll have to compare notes later... :)

  2. From everything I've heard, the wii fit is lots of fun. I hope you enjoy yours! (I'm hardly jealous at all!)

  3. Way jealous here in Cranky Land. Hope it's as fun as it sounds!

  4. The Wii Fit always intrigues me. I really have trouble thinking I would find it that useful, but nearly everyone that has one loves it. Perhaps I am misjudging it.

  5. Mmmm...cranberry relish for breakfast...mmm...

  6. A wii is on my daughter's Christmas list...Santa's on a budget. Maybe if it's also on my list, Santa may reconsider. It sounds great for those snow-ed in days.

    Enjoy! (And don't think of the hidden cameras your hubby set up to catch every wii move).

  7. I think the Better-Homes-And-Gardens version wouldn't be as fun, would she?

    I've told The Husband that if we ever get a video game system in the house, it's gonna be a Wii with the Wii Fit stuff. We can at least move around a little!


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