I managed to clear half an hour today for another session of C25K. My husband came with me. It was after dark but there were plenty of Christmas lights to illuminate the potholes :) I felt so good afterwards, after having felt dog-tired for days. There was some shuffling of children which allowed us to go out for a very short date to the local pub sort of place. We got a bite and DH indulged in 2 very potent beers, after which he relaxed like a puppet with his strings cut. Could've talked him into anything :) I drank tea which came with a doily and we made Christmas lists for the kids on my Blackberry. (I never did get the hang of the bar thing.) We also played pool, at which DH is quiet but deadly. I first swooned for him when he casually did that behind the back thingie in college. He has a break shot that starts out low-key but knocks the balls so hard the windows rattle. And he always, always has a pen. *Swoon*

We've talked about my work situation and unless they offer me rubies (which I strongly doubt is forthcoming), I am going to do my best to stay prn and keep my hours lighter. That will allow me time to exercise so that I don't get all pissed off and shrill. As much. I can't begin to tell you how much your support here means. I have such an awesome peer group on the blogosphere--well, okay, many of you are more in the 'sensei' versus 'peer' category-- helping me keep my goals front and center where I can't lose track of them.

Sounds like it's getting crazy out there. Here's hoping for a caaaaaalm and restorative weekend for all of us.


  1. prn... pretty raucously nice? partly radical nerd? Aw, c'mon, gimme a clue... :)

    I am all in favor of putting exercise ahead of placating people at work. If you're fit and healthy, you'll do a better job, right?

    This afternoon, after a 1-1/2 hour lunch meeting that draaaaaaaged on, I headed to the break room to get some caffeine so I could get work done. My co-worker had a much better idea. "A quick brisk walk," he said. And he was right. I was more alert, got more done, and won't have to worry about insomnia from excess caffeine. (Somehow, I never get insomnia from excess exercise.)

    Someone please take the keyboard away from me, this comment is getting too long! Argh!

  2. I think I'm more in the padawan category than sensei or peer...

    I like your "swoon" story...makes me smile and look over at my guy. :)

    And...thanks for the words at my blog. Much appreciated.

  3. I love the sensei, peer, and padawan categories. :-) Truth be known, we are all peers.

  4. Your swoons are cute!

    Nice work doing the C25K after dark - good job getting it in!

  5. Awesome with the C25K! That program is by far one of the best things I've ever done.

  6. So, does hubby have a brother? :)

    I'm so glad you had a better day! Let's hope it's the start of a trend!


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