Yikes! H100 Update!

Geez, I'm late! Think I can squeeze in the door with nobody noticing?

Neck deep in work the last couple of days. Finally have time to breathe and look about me today. Weight wise, I am hanging at 172, probably because I have not found time to exercise since Zumba Sunday. That leaves me 1 lb above my goal for the New Year. Fingers crossed.

I am OFF until January 4th, when I start my 20 hours a week (more like 30) and all hell breaks loose.

My No. 1 top goal is to enjoy Christmas, which I completely love, particularly the run up to the day. So taking deep breaths and trying to scale back my plans so I can do less and have fun with it. Warm wishes to my friends in Blogland! Signing off until after Christmas.


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