Well, actually, beignets not waffles.

My Boyfriend's Back, hey na hey na, so it would take a lot to upset me, certainly more than 2 pounds up on the scale which was the case this morning. He brought beignet mix back with him and as it is Cheat Day, I made those. Yummy. I am wishing to get down a few more pounds solidly and I keep kicking around Weight Watchers. I don't have a coupon and I have been hemorrhaging money lately (35% off at Coldwater Creek, yikes) so I am bouncing around the idea of trying to do it at home for a week. I would stay with my points, which I am semi-arbitrarily calculating at 23, and just not track on Cheat Days. If I could do well with it for a week, I could justify the money to join a meeting. I could just stick closer with my current plan, but I am liking the idea of mixing things up. Assuming the bounce up does not represent 7000 actual calories eaten in excess (which it better not), I have only a couple of pounds to go to make my Hot 100 goal and only 9 pounds until my BMI is 24.9 (cue clouds and Celestial Chorus).

What do you guys think? Should I try this or would I just be tampering with success?


  1. Love me some Weight Watchers, but I am a little partial. I think it wouldn't hurt to try it.

  2. I'm a South Beach old broad, but what's life without goals? GO FOR IT! :D

  3. I have no advice...just letting you know I'm here rooting for you no matter what you choose.

  4. Hi Larkspur,

    I'm Alix from Casa Hice... a new follower.

    I followed you over from 266's blog and am so happy to make your acquaintance!

    I am also on a health and fitness quest and applaud the success and achievement you have experienced in your weight loss journey.

    Just wanted to mention that I recently lost 70 pound with Weight Watchers and did it totally online. Never went to one meeting. I think WW really simplifies the whole diet process and it worked well for me. If you already know the guidelines and principles of WW, I think it's the easiest most versatile way to go. Dare I say effortless?

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm here and cheering you on in your weight loss journey.

    If you ever need to lean on someone, give me a holler.

    Best wishes for reaching your goal sooner than expected.


  5. I think it wouldn't hurt to try it, but if you really feel like it may hinder your success I think you should go. You can always return an item of clothing?! (Just kidding!)

    Either way you will do great!

  6. I am not personally a fan of WW, but that is not to say it doesn't work. It obviously does for some people. I am not opposed to shaking things up a bit. Sometimes that adds just the variety we need.

  7. You can always try WW online to keep the cost down.

    I'd join if you need the change up. I like Weight Watchers.

    Or... you could follow Diane's plan at Fit to the Finish. :) I don't know if you have checked out what she did.

    Anyway, go for it and keep going! I know you'll make those goals!


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