That's from Pogo, if there are any other underground fans out there.

This is one of the few times I wish I Twittered. I need someone to help me separate from this comfortable couch next to this cozy fire and go upstairs and do some working out. My husband is away, sniff, and I am Holding Down The Fort, working on my NaNoWriMo book (23,700 words! As someone said once, "That's not writing. That's typing.") Gravity suggests I should stay down here with a cup of tea but I have the example of certain bloggers (you know who you are) raising the bar on all of us. Foo.

Let's see if I can get up there and do it.


  1. I’m finally trying to catch up!!! Good job with keeping the scale moving down bit by bit; you have actually come a long way since I started reading your blog back in August. You did an amazing job creating the Confessor costume… it looks beautiful. Way to go on getting down to a size 12 too; that’s an awesome accomplishment and I can’t wait to get there myself! As for this post, you can do it! Get off that duff, girl, and go work out… you know you’ll love yourself for it afterwards!

  2. I hope you were able to get up there and work out. It is so hard to pry ourselves from the couch, especially when we are all comfortable with a cozy fire. I am sure you won't/didn't regret the workout though.

  3. Do It To It!!! It ain't easy to get movin' but we gotta do it. You'll eventually be glad you did. :) Takes me forever to get the move on, but once I do, I feel so much better.

  4. You know that once you get up and get going you won't regret it! I know you will be glad when your hubby is back!!

    Keep writing though. . .


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