Today's To-Do List

This is what I have in my little notebook which I maintain in the absence of a functioning memory:

trail walk or Zumba
good cry
dispose of mouse
clean car
adjust expectations
JD's gift certificate
one hour at office
take Tylenol and iron and probiotic
get over yourself

Of those I get to cross off groceries and mouse. The mouse wasn't dead and went elsewhere on its own hook. Still working on the rest.

I did buy myself a pair of size 12 jeans at Walmart. (Lee Riders, $18 for those keeping track). They fit and go on and look normal, though they aren't as comfie as my slightly loose 14s. When I look at the new ones they're starting to look like a more or less normal size that would fit a regular person's body. My pants and skirts were big enough in the past that I used to look at them and think, "Gosh, really?"

My main task for today as I see it is to Get Over Myself. If any of you have any good tips for that, I am lookin' for advice.

Peace out.


  1. mmm...getting over one's self. I haven't done that, yet, so I don't have any advice from experience. All I can think of is helping someone else will bring me out of myself...that's lasts for a little bit, then I'm right back.

    Thanks for the tip about where to find jeans. I have a hard time finding a good fit...the waste band gaps. I heard I could get them taylored, but I don't want to invest in that right now if I'm going to drop sizes anyway. (I hope I didn't just jinx myself).

  2. Do you like the Riders? When I shop, I have kids with me so trying them on is not an option. I thought about buying some the other day, but didn't know how they looked.

  3. @ Melissa, thumbs up on the Riders. For $18, a very decent pair of jeans. @ Gina, I have whole posts about gapping waistbands :) My current favorite pair are Van Heusens which I bought at the outlet. I was wearing the 12s all morning before I decided, "These puppies are TIGHT." I'm not really a 12, I just bought it for my next-size-down goal.

  4. Getting over myself usually involves hearing about someone in a much worse situation than myself - which then bums me out even more. Sorry - that probably didn't help very much.

    And size 12 Lee Riders? You are doing great!

  5. Grats on the new jeans. They are totally normal sized! You are really doing great!

  6. When I'm trying to get over myself I focus on someone else who really needs help. Be it a personal friend or even a charity. It sounds corny, but it does help me put my life in perspective.

    Take care and I hope you didn't need the good cry!


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